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With the Product Definition Module, users can streamline Oracle Fusion Cloud data entry to track and handle manufacturing processes more easily and effortlessly.

Achieve faster time-to-market when launching and onboarding products to experience increased confidence and loyalty with external trading partners and internal procurement, sales, and manufacturing teams.

Refine item and structure data entry outcomes in Oracle manufacturing from an Excel spreadsheet.

The More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Product Definition Module - See it in action!

See the whole picture in a pre-integrated Excel spreadsheet.

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Easily track and manage your manufacturing processes from an Excel spreadsheet.

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Product Definition Module for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Covers all of your Business Needs

Master Data Management Mass updates

A Simple User-Oriented Upload Process

Create item and structure definitions and item relationships in one spreadsheet tab without the linking of worksheets. There are no extra interface steps or background jobs to monitor. Upload results are returned in the worksheet next to your data rows. Clear and concise messages flag errors, so you can correct the data and reload it easily.

Item Creation and Updates

Produce items quickly with all other related information, like attachments, in your working spreadsheet. Download existing items to use as a basis for new items or use the 'copy-from-existing-item' option to remove hours of manual data entry.
Data Migration Support

Item Relationship Management

Create and revise item relationships, related items, item cross-references, trading partner items, GTIN relationships, spoke system item references, and relevant DFFs in the same spreadsheet. With adaptable layouts, you can concurrently manage as few or as many relationship types as you like.

Item Structures (formally Bills of Materials/BOMs)

Supports creating and updating item structure definitions. Oversee the whole data hierarchy, including structure header, components, substitutes, reference designators, and relevant DFFs, in one sheet.
Oracle EBS Mass data loading

Flexible Item Structure Downloading

Download structure assembly details into the worksheet for subsequent updates and choose what you want to see. 'Explode' structures to show the whole hierarchy of sub-component details. Download components 'Where used' to view which structure includes them, or go further and 'Implode' them to view the entire structure hierarchy of the structures they’re assigned to.
More4apps Excel Oracle Excella
The More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Product Definition Module.

The Smarter Excel Interface for Your Oracle Fusion Cloud Data

Organizing and preparing item details and complicated structure component hierarchies is difficult in the Oracle forms. The navigation is complex, so it’s hard to see what is in the system versus what is missing.

With the More4apps Product Definition Module, you see the whole picture in pre-integrated Excel spreadsheets that follow the existing Oracle security and dynamically adapt to your system setup and business rules.

See for yourself how the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox stacks up against Oracle’s tools!>

Oracle User Forms Oracle ADFdi Oracle FBDI The More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications uploads data 90% quicker than the alternative solutions.
End-User Independence of IT Department icon icon icon icon
Precise Error Reporting in the Worksheet icon icon icon icon
Download Existing Data Objects icon icon icon icon
All Data in a Single Worksheet icon icon icon icon
Real-Time Data Validation icon icon icon icon
Data Entry Forms icon icon icon icon
Customize and Save Layouts icon icon icon icon
Supports Mass Data Entry icon icon icon icon
Data Upload is Supported by Oracle icon icon icon icon
Oracle Secured End-User Connection icon icon icon icon
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013 and later versions
  • Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Single sign-on compliant
  • Light client install (Excel Add-In)
  • Light Oracle set-up: Install and set-up in minutes
  • Updates with Oracle's quarterly release sechedule
  • Oracle support compliant: Harness Oracle public RESTful web services only
  • Uses your Oracle ERP login authentication
  • Employs Oracle ERP Cloud security
  • Access granted by role to each web service
  • Digitally signed BI reports

Unlock Oracle Manufacturing with a Purpose-Built Solution.

With the right tools in place and more streamlined data entry processes , tracking and managing your manufacturing processes becomes easier and more robust.

Achieve faster time-to-market when launching and onboarding products, and experience increased confidence and loyalty with external trading partners and internal procurement, sales, and manufacturing teams.

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  • Download ERP data into Excel spreadsheets
  • Find and fix errors
  • Validate data
  • Upload data back into Oracle
  • Carry on with your day!

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