• A single Excel spreadsheet solution.
  • A secure and trusted integrated product.
  • More time to review data to drive better decisions.
  • Easy access to Oracle ERP data.
  • The ability to automate data manipulation en mass.
  • Empowering your teams with self-service capabilities.
  • Quick response to requests or changes.

Oracle ADFdi and FBDI vs. More4apps:

Comparing Data Loading Alternatives for Oracle Fusion Cloud

How does More4apps stack up against the competition?

These solutions empower users by giving them control of the entire data-loading process. No knowledge or training of the data interface mechanisms is needed, as More4apps products seamlessly connect with Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.

Oracle User Forms Oracle ADFdi Oracle FBDI The More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications uploads data 90% quicker than the alternative solutions.
End-User Independence of IT Department icon icon icon icon
Precise Error Reporting in the Worksheet icon icon icon icon
Download Existing Data Objects icon icon icon icon
All Data in a Single Worksheet icon icon icon icon
Real-Time Data Validation icon icon icon icon
Data Entry Forms icon icon icon icon
Customize and Save Layouts icon icon icon icon
Supports Mass Data Entry icon icon icon icon
Data Upload is Supported by Oracle icon icon icon icon
Oracle Secured End-User Connection icon icon icon icon

Oracle ERP Cloud Customer Outcomes

  • 31% improvement in reporting efficiency
  • 23% reduction in legacy system costs
  • 35% increase in staff productivity
  • 30% increase in financial management efficiency & effectiveness
*2020 Oracle Cloud ERP Value Realization Report
Oracle ERP Cloud Customer Outcomes
Conduct real-time pre-validation checks and upload data back into Oracle via the Public Interfaces and APIs

Moving from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle ERP Cloud?

More4apps easily integrates with your tech stack and activities to be part of your ongoing journey of clean data; while staying upgrade-proof with Oracle ERP Cloud releases that happen once a quarter.

With an intuitive Excel-based user interface and templates tailored to your use case, More4apps is simple to use and learn, which helps you quickly import and export data from your ERP system. Moreover, data is confirmed before it’s added to Oracle to reduce risks.

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Fusion Cloud ERP
  • Lower TCO
  • Automatic updates
  • Less labor-intensive
  • More flexible
  • Easily scalable
  • Faster deployment
  • Better change control
On-Prem ERPs
  • Higher TCO
  • Manual, error-prone maintenance
  • Costly upgrades
  • Requires dedicated staff & space
  • Limits business agility
  • Expensive hardware
  • Slow, pricey deployment

Get the data integrity your organization deserves.

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It’s all about the data: Make Excel work for you

Unfortunately, Oracle’s ERP tools for data uploads and downloads are known to be complex, hard to use, and difficult to tailor to your specific needs.

There is a better way…

The Problem with Data

  • Controlling mass volumes of data.
  • Ongoing urgent data updates, changes, and conversion needs.
  • Oracle forms & data loading tools are not flexible or efficient.
  • High risks of inaccuracies.

The Perks of Excel-based Software

  • End-users know and love it.
  • Eliminate the need for customized tools.
  • Allow self-service across departments.
  • Maintain single source of truth, with real-time Excel-to-Oracle integration.

Power Through Daily Tasks

Eliminate tools that are hard-to-use, speed through data conversions and migrations, and gain trust in your data.

Excella doesn't like using hassle-prone data loading tools
More4apps arrow
Excella uses More4apps Oracle ERP products for faster and more efficient data.
  • Download data into a single spreadsheet.
  • Pre-validation check.
  • Upload back into Oracle once completed.

Customer Reviews

Saved countless hours in setting up and maintaining Oracle Projects

Derek B.

Manager, Utility Company

Check out our More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox product reviews on Capterra.

The ease of use and the ability to make mass changes to Project data very quickly. Support is quick to react to any issues and open to hearing suggestions or thoughts on future additions Product is constantly evolving with new integrators and access to new fields being added all the time. Ability to use Excel functionality to easily create and update data that can then be loaded into Oracle. The ability to download information from Oracle has given us a better view into current configuration and allowed us to identify and then correct any anomalies. Ability to update information that is not available through Oracle FBDIs or ADFDIs, and in a much more user friendly way. No real negative aspects to the current offering, just looking forward to more and more integrators being added to the modules, like the Suppliers that was just recently added and hoping to see one for Customers. Reasons for Choosing ERP Cloud Toolbox: Ease of use, access to more fields and information.

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Good Product

Callum T.

Technology Manager, Retail Industry

Check out our More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox product reviews on Capterra.

"Users find the tool easy to use and user friendly, it also tailors better to our needs versus Oracle Apex."

Read the full review

Investing in the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox offers many benefits to business stakeholders:

Senior Management benefits
  • Decision-making is made with highly reliable and accurate data
  • Improved efficiency within the data entry team, meaning reduced costs regarding the number of team members required
  • Faster processing times for important business operating procedures
  • Improved return on investment from Oraclе
Management benefits
  • Reduces the amount of time spent on routine data processing and allows more time for other important work
  • Improve the accuracy and offers the ability to detect and resolve data quality issues and errors
  • Improves audit trail
  • Employees can spend more time reviewing data and taking appropriate action rather than focusing only on data entry
IT Team benefits
  • Allows IT teams to provide support with more high-tech tasks
  • Enables users to better utilize Oracle systems, meaning fewer queries to IT team
  • Positively impacts data quality, governance and security
  • Improves audit quality across the company
End-user benefits
  • Enables users to complete their data entry work more quickly and easily, using a familiar program
  • Removes the need to work with Oracle forms, which aren’t designed for users of mass data entry
  • Easier to detect and amend errors or gaps in the data


Save time by pasting data from existing sheets into the More4apps interface for Oracle.


Simple changes in business processes can deliver significant gains in productivity and capability.
Out of box Excel Oracle Solution

Quick to Implement

Tools that work straight out of the box with a familiar Excel user interface.
Accuracy for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications


Less manual data entry means better accuracy and more meaningful information for your business.
Security for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications


Utilizing Oracle's secure web services and user authentication for uploads and downloads.
Ongoing Support for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

Ongoing Support

More4apps class-leading support team that solves issues and manages requests in record time.

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Combine the power of Excel and Oracle to release staff from repetitive data tasks.

  • Download ERP data into Excel spreadsheets
  • Find and fix errors
  • Validate data
  • Upload data back into Oracle
  • Carry on with your day!
The More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox helps you to harness the power of Excel and streamline processes.

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A powerful suite of Excel-based tools used to download, edit, and upload data in a fraction of the time compared to using Oracle’s user data entry forms.

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