Month-end, Quarter-end, Ad-hoc: We’ve got you covered!

Finance and accounting processes consist of mundane, time-consuming transactions between multiple departments using Oracle ERP and various Excel spreadsheets.

Imagine automating data-related tasks within a single Excel spreadsheet, all backed by Oracle-integrated security and real-time validation checks. Minimal training for More4apps solutions is required because finance members are familiar with Oracle and Excel.

Implementing More4apps tools allows finance teams to produce error-free data and consistent reports. Moreover, they help to eliminate dependencies on IT updates and ongoing maintenance. Provide peace of mind and complete trust in your ERP data.

See our solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Cloud.

Finance teams save time with More4apps EBS Toolbox solutions

Eliminate hassle-prone tools so your finance team can focus their time on more important matters without disruptions.

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Solving Finance’s Biggest Challenges:


Eliminate Hassle-prone Tools

Say goodbye to manual data entry and complicated Oracle forms, Dataloader, WebADI, ADFdi and FBDI, so your finance team can focus their time on more important matters without disruptions.

Close Books on Time

Period-end reporting is already challenging, let alone the addition of ad-hoc report requests. More4apps eliminates 100s of hours with feature-rich data loading options all in a user-friendly Excel spreadsheet.
Supplier Satisfaction

Greater Impact to the Business

Empower data owners to improve overall accuracy and clean up existing poor data quickly.

Streamline Processes

Manage ongoing changes and updates en mass to deal with large volumes of data and adapt quickly and easily to keep up with your fast-paced requests.
  • A single Excel spreadsheet solution.
  • Having more time to review data and provide greater business insights.
  • Automatin data manipulation en mass.
  • Quickly respond to requests or changes.
  • Secure and trusted integrated products.
  • Easy access to Oracle ERP data, keeping it as your single source of truth.
  • Empowering finance teams with self-service capabilities with little to no training.

How does More4apps stack up to Oracle tools?

More4apps helps users upload data 90% quicker!

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More4apps products are Microsoft Excel based and are easily uploaded into your Oracle ERP.

Combine the power of Excel and Oracle to release staff from repetitive data tasks.

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  • Download ERP data into Excel spreadsheets
  • Find and fix errors
  • Validate data
  • Upload data back into Oracle
  • Carry on with your day!

Two Solutions: Equally as Impactful

Accelerate your data loading processes with a suite of trusted and reliable, Excel-based solutions.

Read more in the EBS Toolbox and ERP Cloud Toolbox brochures!


Oracle Procure-to-Pay Processes Rely on Oracle products, like the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox and EBS Toolbox.
Key Features
  • Download data from Oracle to Excel
  • Mass validation, creation, updates of data in the finance area
  • User customizable layout
  • User data entry forms
  • Error feedback on the sheet
  • Supports attachments
  • Supports DFF attributes
Settings Architecture/Security Features
  • Suitable with Microsoft Excel 2013 and later versions
  • Compatible with Oracle EBS (R11i and R12), and Oracle Cloud Fusion
  • Uses Oracle EBS or Oracle ERP Cloud security:

Oracle EBS: Responsibilities, multi-org, function security, security groups
Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications: Access granted by role to each web service when using

  • Supports single sign on
  • Uses a secured communication with Oracle ERP:

The More4apps EBS Toolbox product connects to a servlet on the EBS mid-tier (via HTTP/HTTPS). Next, the tools link to the EBS database using a secure Oracle Java framework (WebApps Context).

More info on the More4apps EBS products security.

In Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications: The Excel template uses a .Net VSTO add-in to communicate with the REST and SOAP webservices in Oracle ERP Cloud to upload and download data.

More info on More4apps Cloud products security

More4apps Makes Work Easier
  • Easy to use, near zero training effort.
  • Increases team efficiency while reducing business costs.
  • Reduces manual errors and raises data reliability.
  • Programming isn't required and is designed for the task at hand.
  • Download and create transactions in a single Excel spreadsheet.
  • Allows for large data sets with programmed-in features to batch and submit your transactions.

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