Webinar Recordings

Daily Data Maintenance in EBS: Why Web ADI isn’t the Way
On-demand | 30 Minutes
Watch this 30-minute insightful webinar and discover the critical aspects of daily data maintenance in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). In this session, we share the challenges associated with Web Application Desktop Integrator (Web ADI) and why it may not be the optimal choice for your organization. Click now to watch the webinar recording!
What’s New in 2024 with Excel
On-demand | 60 Minutes
MrExcel gives you an exclusive tour of all of the new MS Excel features. Click now to watch the free webinar recording and get your copy of MrExcel's new book!
Oracle Projects Powerhouse: Accelerating Efficiency with Rapid Creation, Maintenance, and Error Handling
On-demand | 40 Minutes
This compelling session featuring Oracle expert, Andrew Gooch, that is set to change your approach to Oracle Cloud Projects and address the common challenges users encounter with FBDI. Registration is free - seats are limited. If you are unable to attend, we encourage you to register and you’ll receive the webinar materials after the live broadcast has concluded.
Excel Tips for Year-End
On-demand | 60 Minutes
Year-end is just around the corner for most organizations and that means it's time to gather key data like company performance, financial information, and other major KPIs. Get ready for year-end by watching this webinar that was presented by our favorite Excel guru, Bill Jelen.
Escape the Limitations of Oracle’s FBDI
On-demand | 50 Minutes
Watch the webinar recording and see how you can upload data into Oracle Fusion Cloud 90% faster with the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox and eliminate the frustrations and limitations that come with Oracle FBDI.
MrExcel Presents: Powerful Formulas in Excel
On-demand | 60 Minutes
Did you know that there are now over 500 calculation functions in Excel? With Excel adding new functions every year, it is easy to miss powerful new functions that can streamline calculations in your workbooks. Watch the webinar and see Bill Jelen, MrExcel, demonstrate powerful uses for Excel functions.

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