Unlock Oracle’s Project Accounting with a Purpose-Built Solution

Keeping track of Project Accounting in Oracle is complex and time-consuming. Manual processes make it easy for human error and hard to find those errors. Therefore, reducing the accuracy and reliability of your ERP.

With fully integrated, flexible Excel spreadsheets, users are equipped to oversee project definitions, demographics, expenditures, assets, and resources where all data elements are visible simultaneously for many projects at once. Thus, a simple change for 100s of projects or tasks would take less than a minute to implement.


Check out the Projects Module from the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox.

Save countless hours setting up and maintaining Oracle Projects with the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox.

Hear from one of our customers!
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Capterra, the #1 destination for finding software and services, recognizes More4apps tools for Project Management as Best Value.

Projects Module for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Covers all of your Business Needs


Project Creation & Updates

Quickly create and maintain projects, tasks, and other related information. Perform mass updates to single or multiple projects, shedding hours and even on days off manual data entry timeframes.

Budgets & Forecasts

Save time by building and editing budgets and forecasts in Excel. Conduct a what-if analysis before uploading directly from the spreadsheet.

Resource Lists

Efficiently maintain resource lists, especially those needed for non-centrally controlled lists from Excel.


Create and maintain revenue and billing events against contract projects.

Costs & Adjustments

Create pre-approved/unprocessed costs in both ERP systems. You can perform cost adjustments, such as transactions from Excel, and submit and receive feedback from the import processes all within the Excel environment.

Assets & Assignments

Download, create, update, and delete asset assignments quickly and easily.

Resource Assignments

Mass create, update, and delete resource assignments against tasks on the project work plan and financial plan.
Data cleansing

Contracts & Amend Contracts

Create and update your contracts in bulk allowing you to keep your projects in scope. Amend statuses, additional information, billing controls, parties & contracts, revenue & bill plans all on a single, flexible Excel spreadsheet.
Oracle EBS - Create and Validate

Projects Template

Easily create, download, and updated Project Template headers, delete classifications and tasks, manage project and task transaction controls and handle quick entries.

More4apps vs Oracle Solutions

These solutions empower users by giving them control of the entire data-loading process. No knowledge or training of the data interface mechanisms is needed, as More4apps products seamlessly connect with Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.

See for yourself how the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox stacks up against Oracle’s tools!>

Oracle User Forms Oracle ADFdi Oracle FBDI The More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications uploads data 90% quicker than the alternative solutions.
End-User Independence of IT Department icon icon icon icon
Precise Error Reporting in the Worksheet icon icon icon icon
Download Existing Data Objects icon icon icon icon
All Data in a Single Worksheet icon icon icon icon
Real-Time Data Validation icon icon icon icon
Data Entry Forms icon icon icon icon
Customize and Save Layouts icon icon icon icon
Supports Mass Data Entry icon icon icon icon
Data Upload is Supported by Oracle icon icon icon icon
Oracle Secured End-User Connection icon icon icon icon

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from one of our customers!

“If I had More4apps earlier, I would’ve used it from the get-go and built my inputs around that. If you build a whole solution around mass project creation and maintenance with More4apps rather than using FBDI, you’ll have download and upload functionality, and the columns are way more user-friendly. In FBDI, you don’t have anything like the download function unless you build a report, but it doesn’t come out in a format comparable to More4apps.”

– Rob Kennedy, Cloud financials, PPM & Reporting at NCR Corporation
Owner of Paso Consulting

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Save countless hours in setting up and maintaining Oracle Projects with the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox.

Hear from one of our customers!

See it for yourself!

Create & Update your Projects Information Simple, Fast, and Accurate

Project accounting and management relies on accurate project scoping, budgeting and costing. Managing that in any volume with the Oracle front-end is very difficult, with a complex and costly navigation overhead and very little overall visibility

Leveraging Excel directly connected to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP eliminates many manual steps. With layouts customized to support business processes, all data elements can be visible simultaneously for many projects at once. Meaning a simple change for 100s
of projects or tasks would take less than a minute

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  • Download ERP data into Excel spreadsheets
  • Find and fix errors
  • Validate data
  • Upload data back into Oracle
  • Carry on with your day!
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013 and later versions
  • Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Single sign-on compliant
  • Light client install (Excel Add-In)
  • Light Oracle set-up: Install and set-up in minutes
  • Updates with Oracle's quarterly release sechedule
  • Oracle support compliant: Harness Oracle public RESTful web services only
  • Uses your Oracle ERP login authentication
  • Employs Oracle ERP Cloud security
  • Access granted by role to each web service
  • Digitally signed BI reports

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