Unlock Oracle Financials with a Purpose-Built Solution

Managing finance transactions in Oracle is complex and time-consuming. With manual processes, it’s easy to make errors and hard to find them, which reduces the accuracy and reliability of your ERP data.

Fully-integrated, flexible Excel spreadsheets, help users oversee invoice transactions with all data elements visible simultaneously on one sheet for many transactions at once.

With the right More4apps tools in place and more streamlined invoice processing, it’s easier to close your books on time by eliminating hours of manual data entry. You’ll reduce your cost of payables and receivables invoice processing.

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Improve Oracle ERP financial transaction processing in Excel.

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Finance Module for Oracle Fusion Cloud Application Covers all of your Business Needs

Master Data Management Mass updates

A Simple User-Oriented Upload Process

Develop your finance documents in one spreadsheet tab, no linked worksheets, extra interface steps or background jobs to monitor. The uploaded results are returned in the worksheet right next to your data rows. When loads are successful, the Oracle generated transaction numbers are returned, and where errors occur clear, concise error messages make data-correction and re-loading simple.

Payables Invoice Creation

Make payables invoices quickly with other related information like attachments. Download existing invoices to use as a basis for new transactions. Upload single or multiple invoices with one button-click, shedding hours and even days off manual data entry timeframes.
Oracle EBS Mass data loading

Payables Invoice Holds & Releases

In a flexible layout, users can download invoices or existing holds and create, and release holds en mass quickly.

Receivables Invoice Creation

Create and receive invoices easily with all relevant data in one spreadsheet, allowing a complete overview of the transaction in layout. Manage attachments and related information without the need for multiple linked files and worksheets.

On-Account Credit Memos

Produce on-account credit memos complete with all line and distribution information. Supports your DFF data throughout the hierarchy, as well as attachments.

Supplier Data Maintenance

Get detailed error messaging and pre-import validation when maintaining your Supplier data. Upload attachments in bulk, end-date your Suppliers, and ensure accurate addresses allowing you to ensure your vendor payments are processed quickly and accurately.

Let your users manage their data their way!

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Are your current processes and tools slowing down your finance teams?

With the More4apps Finance Module, you get pre-integrated Excel spreadsheets that follow the existing Oracle security and dynamically adapt to your system requirements.

Therefore, you can quickly and flexibly download existing Oracle data into an Excel spreadsheet, scroll through your entire dataset, identify missing data, and easily make changes or insert new transactions.

See for yourself how the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox stacks up against Oracle’s tools!>

Oracle User Forms Oracle ADFdi Oracle FBDI The More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications uploads data 90% quicker than the alternative solutions.
End-User Independence of IT Department icon icon icon icon
Precise Error Reporting in the Worksheet icon icon icon icon
Download Existing Data Objects icon icon icon icon
All Data in a Single Worksheet icon icon icon icon
Real-Time Data Validation icon icon icon icon
Data Entry Forms icon icon icon icon
Customize and Save Layouts icon icon icon icon
Supports Mass Data Entry icon icon icon icon
Data Upload is Supported by Oracle icon icon icon icon
Oracle Secured End-User Connection icon icon icon icon
More4apps is the smart choice for your team.
  • Stamp out multi version spreadsheets lurking on desktops with one source of data that can be updated quickly and easily.
  • Make your staff more efficient, saving time and money.
  • Raise data quality and accuracy while decreasing rework and costly errors.
  • Handle acquisitions and mergers more efficiently.
  • Increase staff engagement by swapping tedious data-entry with higher value work.
  • Empower employees to spend less time processing data and more time overseeing projects.
  • Improve your return on investment in Oracle projects.

Improving Oracle ERP Finance Data Processes in Excel.

No matter how many financial transactions you process, More4apps solutions make creating and maintaining information simple, fast and accurate.

ERP Finance Module

Eliminate time-consuming, mundane tasks for your finance and accounting teams.

Finance and accounting processes rely on accurate transactional data and the large volumes involved make managing that within acceptable time frames a daunting task in the Oracle front-end. Visibility of your dataset is limited, complex, and the time-consuming screen navigation leads to delays.

Leveraging spreadsheets to oversee these processes eliminates much of that pain. With layouts customized to support business processes, all data elements are visible simultaneously for many transactions at once.

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  • Download ERP data into Excel spreadsheets
  • Find and fix errors
  • Validate data
  • Upload data back into Oracle
  • Carry on with your day!

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