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How much does spending money really cost your organisation?

Ever thought about how much does spending money really cost you?  You should.
The truth is, every purchase made by your company costs. 
Added up across your supply chain, these purchasing costs can have a surprising impact on your bottom line.

What’s your company’s reason for having a PO system?  

And is it really working for you?


With over 20 years of experience and more than 38 000 users I’ve seen that when a procurement system is too hard to use, the purchasing process is ignored, manual invoices and expenses become the methods of purchase. Costs escalate, negotiated terms of trade can’t be utilized and business efficiencies plummet.

Infact, one major online travel retailer found that only 8% of purchases were purchased through their Purchase Ordering system.
Out of a spend of $10 billion – alarm bells started ringing!  Read their story here.

Does this sound familar?

Boiled down simply one of the main barriers for an organization to using their Purchasing System is the ability to get data into the system. This can be anything from supplier details, blanket agreements (agreed prices) or large purchase orders.  

Increasing the use of your Purchase ordering system will benefit many areas of your business.

For example purchasing will have a better view of purchases and can negotiate with regular high value suppliers.  This means cost savings and prevents budget blow outs.  Or invoice processing becomes an automatic approval rather than a manual signature-based system. For the whole organization; it becomes easier to create purchase orders and approvals are obtained at time of raising the purchase order rather than invoice approval.

By using our simple “straight out of the box” software solutions, we want you to know we are here and we can help. We know that improving simple processes like purchases order processing, organizations can reap major benefits. These benefits can be to the users, and more importantly to the organizations bottom line.

We want to ensure that for any organization it becomes easier to get a PO approved than a payment approved. We know that the opportunity cost is too great not too.

From automating manual data entry, clearing data bottlenecks, improving the processing to freeing up staff to focus on what’s important – our solutions can and will make positive change for your organization.

As an Oracle Gold partner, our products are designed to work from the familiar excel spreadsheet environment – so no need for major upskilling of staff. Installation, testing and ready to go live is fast and easy.



John O'Keeffe
John O'Keeffe


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