Cleaning Data Guides to Help Your Business - Our Top 4 Favorite

Our 4 Favorite Handy Guides on Cleaning & Transforming Data

Cleaning and transforming data is notoriously precarious! Translating information across systems is not free or easy and the worst-case scenario is that you could eventually make your data even less accurate along the way. For this reason, we decided to list our four favorite cleaning data guides from industry experts on how to clean and transform data.


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Most of the time spent on big data and analytics is just cleaning up the data.

Tom Davenport | President’s Distinguished Professor of Information & Technology & Management at Babson College

Cleaning and Transforming Your Data Leads to Positive Results

When it comes to data, a good cleaning guide can be hard to find. While there is certainly high risk involved in the data hygiene process, there is also high reward. When you clean your data, you get reliable information, better customer relationships, and improved employee satisfaction. And of course, refraining from managing your master data has far worse effects on an organization compared to the pains of sorting it all out. Feel overwhelmed? Researching cleaning data guides is a strong first step in the right direction. Read on! 

4 Guides on Data Transportation and Clean Up

With that in mind, we decided to put together a list of our favorite 4 handy guides on cleaning data. While any of these cleaning data guides will add value to your business plan, it is best to look at each of them to assess what pieces of advice will work best for your organization. 

1. The Data Transformation Process Explained in Four Steps

This article provides a high-level overview of what steps need to be considered in a typical data transformation process.

This article examines how the ad hoc development of a multitude of legacy systems can result in information silos that entail redundant and duplicate data. It highlights ideas on how to harness data effectively, integrate these silos, and leverage existing IT assets to create more flexible, agile systems. 

3. Six steps for data cleaning and why it matters

Find out the importance of data cleaning in this article and examine six easy ways to ensure that your data is correct, consistent and usable.

4. The Ultimate Guide to Data Cleaning

 This step-by-step guide walks through the quality checks that need to be applied when looking at reviewing and cleaning your master data.

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