Bruce Doig - More4apps Excel to Oracle ERPs

Bruce Doig

Director of Innovation

Do you prefer summer or winter? Water or snow?  Most of us prefer one or the other. Our outdoor extraordinaire Bruce enjoys the best of both worlds. You only live once right?  

Bruce, one of our founding shareholders enjoys a range of leisure activities.  His many tales could keep us enthralled for hours, including underwater adventures diving with Whalesharks, Sunfish and Sea Lions in the Galapagos Islands, exploring wrecks in the Solomon Islands and snorkelling with Humpback whales in Tonga.  Bruce has a policy of visiting a new exotic dive location with friends every year. Not only does Bruce enjoy being underwater, he is also a windsurfer, rock climber, salsa dancer, skier and snowboarder, keeping fit for all of this by playing squash (we’re not sure this guy sleeps). He recalls one of his scariest experiences while snowboarding the back bowls of the Remarkables (New Zealand) Ski field alone nearly falling into a crevasse. Now that’s scary!

Bruce’s (best kept hidden) talent of singing, once brought him near childhood fame when he starred as Kurt in the Sound of Music, however these days you’re more likely to hear him singing Bee Gees hits in the shower.

Professionally, Bruce boasts humble beginnings as an auditor but quickly escaped into software development, writing numerous Dbase III based systems, eventually building a Job Costing system in Informix. Bruce has extensive breadth of knowledge in Oracle Projects module first working for Oracle New Zealand and then as an Oracle Specialist Independent Contractor in Dublin, Ireland. His role has evolved to that of Director of Research and Development at More4apps but he still keeps a programming hand in our Projects suite of tools. Bruce particularly enjoys software development because he believes it provides an outlet for creativity and the thrill of “walking into a room and seeing your software on everyone’s computer screens- it gives you such a buzz!”