Steve West - More4apps Excel to Oracle ERPs

Steve West

IT Infrastructure Manager

A lover of the outdoors and his community, you’re just as likely to find Steve having a laugh at a social gathering or enjoying the sunshine on his horse, as you would find him reading about the latest in Oracle or managing the More4apps databases. Steve is well travelled around the world having hitchhiked across the USA and adventured through the mountains of Europe – but Steve will always call the beautiful land of New Zealand ‘home’.

“If the only tool you have is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail”. As one of our founding Shareholders, Steve relishes in being able to share his passion for lifelong learning by overseeing the direction of the company from a technology perspective. We’re thankful that Steve always has one eye on where Oracle is heading to advise us of new business opportunities which may arise or new strategies that may benefit our customers. Our lesson from Steve: Technology is ever evolving and the road of opportunities is endless.

Steve is also responsible for the architecture of our databases and troubleshooting customer installations; working closely with our Development and Support teams. Steve gets satisfaction from seeing customers happy that their business processes have been improved because of the unique solutions that we provide.

Outside of work, Steve trades his work shoes for muddy farm boots, often spending time out and about on his horses riding with his family. Once upon a time, Steve was a volunteer firefighter but as he became a family man, firefighting callouts at all times of the day and night were traded for calls for “Daaad!” (also at all times of the day and night).

When approached with the question “What song do you choose to sing in the shower?” Steve chose “All these things that I’ve done” by The Killers.