Tiko Kone | More4apps

Tiko Kone

Business Development Executive

A love of nature and the great outdoors means bbqing is something that Tiko combines on a regular basis. A passion for building and fixing things means that Tiko enjoys the challenge of lego, model car kits and putting Ikea furniture together. A desire to move “out of my comfort zone” meant that Tiko moved into business development, a passion that he transferred with him when he moved from his home town Bloomington Indiana to California in 2016.

Working for More4apps lets Tiko combine his passion for meeting new people, being creative and problem-solving. He is constantly striving to provide the best possible service and solutions for his customers and has a love of personal development books and autobiographies. Tiko also has a strong sense of humour and enjoys going to see stand up comics and concerts. He likes to relax by meditating, yoga and working out.