Reimagining Project and Portfolio Management with a Move to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications
After more than 20 years of using Oracle on-prem, a leading global software, consulting, and technology company made the move to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. The company provides professional services and technology solutions in 140+ countries and has more than 30,000 employees. Click to read the full article.
More4apps Generates Buzz at Oracle CloudWorld 2022
We attended Oracle CloudWorld, the new global conference where customers and partners can share ideas, develop in-demand skills, and learn about cloud infrastructure and applications solutions that serve their unique roles and business needs. Read more about our experience.
US Sales & Marketing Teams Conquer Mid-Year March
The US Sales & Marketing teams met in Raleigh, NC, October 3rd - 5th, 2022, for our first annual Mid-Year March. The purpose of the Mid-Year March is to keep the momentum going from the 20 Mile March - “Year of the Grit” Sales Kickoff event in April 2022, at the beginning of our fiscal year.

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