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A whole new take on End User Data Management for the ERP Cloud

Oct 1, 4:00 pm CST
45 Minutes

More and more companies are now making the leap to Oracle Cloud applications from various on-premise ERP systems. This upgrade involves the behemoth task of scrubbing/ cleansing and migrating huge volumes of master and transactional data seamlessly to the Cloud. This is no small feat and you need all the mass data management tools available in the arsenal, including the universally accepted simple-to-use spreadsheets.

This session explores various data import options available and also evaluates them beyond the migration phase for regular data maintenance. It introduces a simple to configure spreadsheet solution that can straightaway be placed in the hands of the business users without too much technical setups.

This presentation is part of a one day special virtual conference organised by Dallas Oracle Users Group and the Texas Louisiana Oracle Applications and Technology Groups. This event has brought together industry experts in Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EBS.

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What you'll learn

How to upload data fast

Increase efficiency

How to clean and maintain data