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The virtual event series from More4apps

Data, Oracle ERP Cloud and you – a better way.

July 22nd, 4pm AEST
60 Minutes

Hosted by More4apps this webinar provides a roadmap for organizations looking for more efficient ways to create and update data into the Oracle Cloud to reduce costs and maximize the value of their new ERP system investment. It highlights the options available for data transfer, manipulation and validation into Oracle ERP Cloud with product solutions for the team at More4apps.

All registered attendees received the whitepaper “Importing Data into Oracle ERP Cloud with More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox”. This paper weighs the pros and cons of the inbuilt data loading options available for ERP Cloud providing a “checklist” of what to look for, what the options are suitable for and will help you understand how they work and their ideal use cases. 

To read the whitepaper and explore the options available for import data into Oracle ERP click here.

What you'll learn

Available ingestion tools for use with Oracle ERP Cloud

Discover the roadmap for future releases throughout 2020

Gain insights into the capabilities of ADFDI and FBDI