Product 101: Customer Wizard | More4apps

Product 101

Customer Wizard

Thursday July 15, 1:00 pm EST

20 Minutes

A 20 minute deep dive into More4apps popular wizards. Ideal for those who already have experienced the benefits and have questions or those wanting to unpack key functions of these data loading solutions.

Product Expert Lily Mazieres focuses on Customer Wizard.  In this session, she highlights the key functions and address how these cure the key pain points faced by users when working with Customer Master Data.

In this session you will:

  • See how Customer Wizard can be utilized for mass data conversion while setting up master data
  • Find out how Customer Wizard can be used on an ongoing basis to create, maintain or cleanse customer data.
  •  Learn how your organization can work with a multi-record view to gain a the whole picture (spanning Parties, Customer Accounts, Sites and any section you wish) in a familiar spreadsheet environment. 

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