The ERP Cloud Toolbox Finance Receivables Invoices
Watch this two minute video and see how our fully flexible and customizable layouts can help you create and load your entire invoice data all from one sheet.
The ERP Cloud Toolbox Finance Module
Watch this short video and discover how the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Finance Module helps you reduce your cost of invoice processing and the number of late, inaccurate payments with more streamlined invoice processing.
The Projects Module Budgets Integrator
Watch this short video to experience the Projects Module's new budget integrator, which merges non-phased and period-phased budgets. Watch now!
Oversee Oracle ERP Project Management for Financial Data in ERP Cloud
Unlock Oracle's Project Accounting with a purpose-built solution and improve ERP Projects data processes in Excel. Watch this short 3-minute video now!
Oracle Master Data Management in Excel
Empower your business with clean and accurate master data. Watch our master data panel discussion with American Red Cross. How More4apps EBS Toolbox helped the American Red Cross reduce time and save money on data master management annually
Customer Wizard for Oracle EBS
With our custom Excel master template – which directly connects to your Oracle EBS – you can import customer data, make changes to large datasets, and export data back into Oracle in no time at all. In short, it makes data entry a thing of the past.

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