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Evan Boudreau Business Development Executive at More4apps

Evan Boudreau

Business Development Executive

Evan Boudreau is part of our US Sales Team. Evan joins us with extensive Oracle experience and a drive to succeed. He lives in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area.

Evan graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2015 with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. He started his career in Oracle’s hardware division and moved into real estate where he could express his entrepreneurial spirit.

Evan is the oldest of four siblings and his three younger are triplets! His upbringing taught him how to compete for resources. Between the four of them, they can almost field an entire basketball team!

Speaking of basketball, Evan is a big sports fan and enjoys cheering on the Boston area teams including the Celtics basketball team and America’s Football Team, the New England Patriots (sans Tom Brady). He is also an avid golfer and consistently strives to lower his score.