Data Migration can be Simple

Data Migration can be Simple

Find out how we simplify the process of migrating from Oracle 11 to Oracle 12

In 2023 Oracle 11 will become obsolete. Therefore, businesses need to prepare for their data migration to Oracle 12.

While the process can be complex and overwhelming, we make the transition smooth. Our suite of tools makes it easy for companies to migrate their Oracle master data to prevent loss of functionality.

Planning for a Successful Data Migration

If you plan to move to Oracle 12, you can do plenty of things to support a seamless migration of your Oracle master data. Part of this will be extensively planning for the migration, including factoring in any downtime while you migrate. Additionally, you may have to consider a backup solution if anything fails during your Oracle migration.

We developed a range of tools to ease the stress of completing an Oracle EBS upgrade. Whether you’re planning a large migration of your Oracle master data or looking for a Cloud solution to the problem, we can help you plan your move.

The Importance of Data Migrations

If your business currently uses Oracle EBS 11i or 12.1, you’ll find that you’ll require sustaining support in 2023. This means that, though the software will continue to function, you will lose out on new fixes, security updates, data fixes, and patch updates.

When you’re working with a vast amount of Oracle master data, the risk of remaining on an unsupported version of Oracle may be too high. Any security infringement or software issue could render Oracle 11 unusable, and then what would happen to your Oracle master data?

Despite the time and effort it might take to migrate to the newest version of Oracle 12, there are certainly benefits to completing the move. You’ll find that more recent versions of Oracle EBS have greater functionality, better performance, and enhanced security features, all making your data processing easier.

How More4apps Helps

We design our products to work with all versions of Oracle EBS Microsoft Excel, and 365 Desktop – so you won’t have to worry about losing functionality after your Oracle migration. Four of our main Wizards are fully compatible with Oracle 11, including:

  • Assets Wizards
  • General Ledger (GL) Wizard
  • Budgets Wizard
  • Projects Wizard

These Wizards enhance the capabilities of Oracle and give you greater competence than WebADI. For example, the Assets Wizard allows you to take complete control of your data with 10 different integrators to cover key asset transactions.

You can use the GL Wizard to create budget journals directly within Excel before verifying data and sending it to Oracle.

Finally, the Projects Wizard has nine critical areas of support to ramp up project creation and maintenance.

Our Oracle EBS Toolbox works on any version of Oracle, Windows, or Office Suite from 2003 upwards. With these tools, the process of Oracle migration becomes even easier as you’ll never lose functionality.

Whether you’re already planning your Oracle migration or considering moving to Oracle Cloud ERP, we will help you find the right solution to protect your master data.

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