Update your Data Process to Help Your Customers Avoid Inconvenience

Update your Data Process to Help Your Customers Avoid Inconvenience

The Go-Ahead Group is one of the UK’s leading public transport providers offering more than a billion journeys each year. 

Discover how More4apps tools transformed the Go-Ahead Group’sinvoicing system within 24 hours.

Product: AP Invoice Wizard
Company: Go-Ahead Group
ERP System: EBS
Industry: Transport

The Client:

Go-Ahead’s rail operation is the busiest in the UK. It is responsible for around 30% of all train passenger journeys with bus operations running about 25% of London services and 11% of the UK market as a whole.

The Challenge:

In February of 2018, the Government’s Minister for Transportation announced changes concerning passenger reimbursements for delayed or canceled journeys.

  • First, the threshold would be reduced from 30 minutes to 15 minutes, increasing the number of expected compensation claims
  • Second, the compensation would move from vouchers to cash-based
  • Third, compensation would be made on a sliding scale based on the length of the delay and the type of ticket purchased

Initial estimates indicated that up to 10,000 transactions would be required for weekly processing. 

Since the company handled transactions manually, this increase would significantly impact its employee’s workload and disrupt business.

Scoping a Solution

The Department for Transportation made it essential for all transport operators to execute the updated refund scheme to include:

  • Full and partial refunds
  • Cash compensation
  • Different processes for season tickets vs non-season tickets
  • A fast turn-around for customers
  • A very tight deadline for implementation

To abide by the Department of Transportation’s changes, the Go-Ahead Group determined that they must adhere to strict internal processes for payments, integrate with existing Oracle EBS, and allow adequate time for testing ahead of the implementation deadline to remain operating successfully. 

This meant that the Go-Ahead Group had to address its current manual system because it could not cope with the increased and now complex workload. Their ideal solution needed to be intuitive for users to understand and communicate with customers.

The Go-Ahead Group was already facing a processing bottleneck as source data was through a third-party CRM. Having a customer CRM involved meant that it would need implementing into Oracle as well. 

Furthermore, the resource lead-time and project lifecycle wouldn’t be reliable, making meeting the unwavering deadline more challenging to uphold. 

Changes to EBS

Go-Ahead Group made changes within their EBS setup, which encompass a  custom version of one-time payments, where vital data were held in DFFs. They changed the BACs EFT payment program to use the DFFs to pay to the correct person and account.

The Solution

After researching its options, the Go-Ahead Group pursued the More4apps suite of products

The products offered by More4apps leverage Microsoft Excel and Oracle’s public API’s. Since Excel-based, minimal training is required. 

The user-friendly interface allows for mass entry and manipulation of data from any source. 

Moreover, More4apps solutions are cost-effective, easily integrated, and give employees time back in their day to focus on other tasks while maintaining a work/life balance. 

The Formula for Successful Data Processing

Data that includes the BACs EFT information, customer name, and one-off details from the DFF and more would be extracted from the customer CRM and transferred to the More4apps AP Invoice Wizard

The data was uploaded from the More4apps Wizard directly into Oracle EBS, where it was validated, in real-time and automatically mapped to the appropriate Oracle fields. 

Payments were created and approved using the Go-Ahead Group’s usual process, which consisted of actioning payments and then downloading the data into the More4apps Wizard

What’s more, real-time updates regarding the status of each claim were communicated to the customer using their CRM. 

More4apps experts provided hands-on instructions for the test system installation and end-user training. 


The result was a fully audited system that processed, at its peak, closer to 20,000 claims a week and was implemented quickly.

Additionally, Go Ahead executives reported the following:

  • Faster-than-expected installation
  • Robust interface process due to time and resources saved
  • More audit control and reporting measures were included 
  • Additional dashboard features were made available

The uptake of the Wizards among Oracle users has been contagious as they are simple to use. Typical requirements, such as generating batches of invoices, are completed in minutes rather than hours.

Data improvements are so vast that other programs, such as Supplier & Employee Maintenance and AR Invoice processing, have introduced More4apps solutions across the company.

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