Customers & Prospects went ‘ALL IN’ with More4apps at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

Customers & Prospects went ‘ALL IN’ with More4apps at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

Collaborating, learning, and connecting.


The Oracle community is still whirling with excitement from CloudWorld 2023. Thousands of people attended the annual conference in Las Vegas, NV and the event was anything but a crapshoot.

CloudWolrd provided opportunities to learn from industry-leading experts, networking with peers, and the chance to explore innovations! 

You spoke, we listend

While at CloudWorld, More4apps unveiled two new highly-requested products. Those who visited booth #108 got an exclusive sneak peek at the newly released integrators – Suppliers for Cloud Finance Module and Contracts for Cloud Projects Module

In addition to unveiling new products, More4apps offered live demos, hands-on experience with the EBS and ERP Cloud Toolboxes, and more!

Check out the newly released integrators!

Suppliers for Cloud Finance

More4apps releases the Supplier Integrator for the ERP Cloud Toolbox Finance Module. Check it out today!

Poor, inaccurate supplier data can lead to setbacks like communication issues or compliance challenges. With the Suppliers Integrator, supplier data can efficiently be created and maintained, giving businesses the ability to:

  • Streamline supplier creation and maintenance in a single Excel workbook
  • Improve supplier collaboration
  • Increase cost savings
  • Maintain better compliance and risk management

Contracts for Cloud Projects

The More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Project Module offers contracts. Click to check it out.

Effectively and efficiently manage contracts throughout their lifecycle to save time and resources. The Contracts Integrator allows you to easily manage your contracts within a single spreadsheet, without having to navigate to multiple screens or tabs. With this new integrator, you will be able to:

  • Streamline project contract creation
  • Have real-time visibility
  • Easily change statuses (like ‘Amend’ or ‘Submit for Approval’) in bulk
  • Simply manage compliance for contract terms and conditions

Our Winning Hand

Why More4apps?

More4apps tools were created by end-users, for end-users, and are an intuitive, accurate alternative for managing your Oracle ERP data – keeping your ERP your single source of truth. 

The More4apps Toolboxes offer advanced validation so errors are presented in context of the data to save time and reduce frustration. Furthermore, More4apps solutions streamline the data loading process into a single Excel spreadsheet, which seamlessly handles hierarchies between records. A single spreadsheet means users do not have to switch between Oracle screens, Excel, or desktops. 

Any users can adapt our templates to fit their needs and share them with others. Flexible formatting allows users to copy and paste data between sheets easily.

Additionally, More4apps offer users a reliable platform that does not break with updates and patches as these tools are designed to be compatible with all recent Excel and Windows versions to stay flexible and resilient to changes. 

How does the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox stack up against Oracle ADFdi and FBDI?

More4apps offers solutions that allow data owners to carry out mass uploads and updates easily and accurately. This helps to return control of the data to its business owner, rather than relying on the IT team or Oracle support.

  • Enables users to complete their data loads quickly and easily in a single Excel spreadsheet, unlike FBDI and ADFdi.
  • Removes the need to work with Oracle forms which are not user-friendly or designed for mass data entry.
  • Easier to detect and amend errors or omissions in the data with advanced validation.
  • Compatible across all recent Excel and Windows versions in order to be flexible, reliable, and resilient to changes.
See how the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox stacks up against Oracle ADFdi and FBDI.
Thanks for visiting booth #108 at Oracle CloudWorld23. We hope to see you back in Vegas at CloudWorld24!

We hope to see you in Las Vegas at Oracle CloudWorld 2024!

About More4apps

Established in 2000, More4apps was formed by a group of Oracle consultants in Hamilton, New Zealand. As a specialist software provider for both end-users and developers, the core purpose of More4apps products is to allow Oracle E-Business Suite and Cloud ERP users to save time and money by using Excel as an interface for Oracle’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

More4apps, an Oracle-certified partner, currently serves more than 34,000 Oracle users in 400 companies worldwide.


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