Oracle can be complex; however, your ERP data doesn’t have to be.

More4apps has been an Oracle partner for over 20 years

By combining the power of Oracle and Microsoft Excel, these suites of products enable you to keep control of your company's data.

More4apps Microsoft Excel based products are the perfect solution for your company's data loading needs.

Create, update, and mass upload your pre-validated data into Oracle using the flexibility and familiarity of an Excel spreadsheet.

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Ensure your business’s data integrity with the More4apps Toolbox suite of solutions for EBS and Cloud.

Our tools integrate seamlessly with each other and your Oracle ERP instance to provide you with up-to-date data when and where you need it and with the highest level of quality.

  • Enable users to complete data loads in a single Excel spreadsheet
  • Remove clunky and difficult Oracle forms
  • Detect and correct data errors with advanced validation
  • Rely on an upgrade-proof, secure platform
Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications and Oracle EBS Toolbox

How does More4apps stack up to Oracle tools?

More4apps helps users upload data 90% quicker!

Companies who use More4apps

"The most impressive and reliable piece of software I have come across and has helped get our project on track and firmly keep it there."
RCI Experiences

– Ben Pentelow, Systems Architect

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"Arby's transformed its procurement process by shaving up to 55 minutes off the time taken to process a 100-line Purchase Order. With existing FBDI systems being outperformed in key areas, More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox is now being rolled out enterprise-wide."
"From our perspective, it has been huge, especially the Routing and BOM Wizards because there is no way of really doing that outside of these products."
Avery Dennison
"Our investigations showed it took 3-4 weeks to get our Engineering BOMS into our ordering system and Oracle EBS. The introduction of the More4apps BOM Wizard has reduced data entry time to 3-4 DAYS and removed the need for separate Excel files for each BOM."
Toyota Boshoku
"My team members work with the Project, Project Budgets, and Assets modules and we have both large dollar transactions as well as high-volume transactions. More4apps tools have allowed us to do work that would have taken months to do manually or weeks of programming and testing if done by an IT team."
Trinity Industries
"Thanks for your efforts in developing these great tools for making people’s daily grind easier."

– Brad Rogers Engineering Manager

"I wish I had known about the More4apps suite of products. These simple-to-install, out-of-the-box Wizards use Microsoft Excel to connect to your Oracle EBS database and will validate and upload all the data into your EBS System. They use the standard Oracle API's and/or interface tables to load the data, so it’s Oracle-supported. There are also built-in forms that can be used to enter and “pre-validate” the data against the Oracle value sets for all value set-related columns. The BEST thing is that these tools are designed for the end-user, not the IT department."
Yankee Candle
"We have been using More4apps for a few years now and have benefited from the software. We originally wanted the software for Asset Retirements. We had no way to upload retirement via spreadsheet into Oracle. After investigating the software, we discovered other transactions we could upload to save time using More4apps."
Pepsi/Frito Lay

-Mitch Bateman Systems Analyst

"We found that More4apps knows their products and was very supportive and responsive. They understood our needs and how their products would meet them. From our perspective, it has been huge, especially the Routing and BOM Wizards because there is no way of really doing that outside of these products."

-Debbie Canole, Systems Analysts

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Download, Update, and Upload Your Oracle ERP Data in a Single Excel Spreadsheet


Data is growing exponentially, leading to overwhelming volumes and inefficiencies. Oracle tools can be complex, leaving you with a time-consuming, burdensome process.

More4apps solutions for E-Business Suite and Fusion Cloud were purpose-built with end users in mind.

  • Complete data loading in mass within a single Excel spreadsheet
  • Rely on advanced data validation with intuitive error messages
  • Adapt your data with flexible layouts and formatting
  • Rely on an upgrade-proof, secure platform
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Save time by downloading or pasting data into the Excel spreadsheet for Oracle.


Simple business process changes coupled with intelligent More4apps spreadsheets delivers significant productivity gains.
Out of box Excel Oracle Solution

Quick to Implement

Tools that work straight out of the box with a familiar Excel user interface.
Accuracy for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications


Less manual data entry means better accuracy and more meaningful information for your business.
Security for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications


Products are built specifically for ERP leveraging Oracle's existing security measures.
Ongoing Support for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

Ongoing Support

A class-leading support team that solve issues and manage requests in record time.

Global Scale

Providing Solutions Around the Globe

From assisting you during the trial period to continuous use of the suite of products, More4apps offers global support and an online Community, which provides access to customer resources, training materials, and interactive knowledge boards.

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User-friendly tools making Oracle ERP work for you.
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