David Wright Appointed as Chair of OATUG Editorial Advisory Committee: A Leader Ready for a Challenge

David Wright Appointed as Chair of OATUG Editorial Advisory Committee: A Leader Ready for a Challenge

More4apps is excited to support David Wright as he has accepted the position of Chair for OATUG’s Editorial Advisory Committee. This appointment comes as a recognition of his exceptional leadership qualities, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the community of OATUG.

OATUG is a community of people powering progress. Members represent various industries in the private sector, public sector, universities, and non-profits. OATUG is truly a global community, with members in more than 30 countries.

While it started as an organization for Oracle EBS users, it has evolved to encompass Oracle customers using EPM (Hyperion), Oracle Database, and the wide range of Oracle Cloud Applications and technology solutions.

The work of OATUG is made possible through the efforts of a large group of dedicated volunteers and the OATUG’s professional staff.

OATUG is governed by a board of directors elected from its community of members and executes its mission through the activities of several volunteer committees and councils. Individuals from OATUG member organizations are invited to serve on many of these committees and councils.

The objective of the Editorial Advisory Committee is to develop, implement, and monitor editorial offerings for OATUG members, within and separate from annual conferences. The committee meets on the second Thursday of each month and typically spends 16-24 hours per year on committee work.

With a proven track record of David’s contributions to the Editorial Advisory Committee, he has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of OATUG’s mission and a passion for driving positive change. As his colleagues, we have witnessed his collaborative spirit, innovative thinking, and ability to inspire those around him.

This role comes with significant responsibilities, and we are confident David is more than up to the task. He has consistently shown the ability to navigate challenges with grace and determination, making him a natural fit for this role.

David will be crucial in steering OATUG’s Editorial Advisory Committee toward continued success. His vision for the future aligns seamlessly with OATUG’s collective aspirations, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact he will make.

As David takes on the role of Chair for OATUG’s Editorial Advisory Committee, he carries our collective confidence and heartfelt congratulations and support. Under his guidance, OATUG will reach new heights, and we eagerly anticipate the positive changes that he will bring to the community.

Please join us in congratulating David on this well-deserved appointment. Here’s to a new chapter of growth, innovation, and success!

If you are interested in joining OATUG, click the link to learn more.

How long have you been a member of OATUG?I have been a member since 2015.
How did you get involved with OATUG?Matt Lechener with TKC Holdings asked me to co-write an article for OATUG. Later, Matt asked me to take his place on the Marketing Committee,.
What is your favorite part about serving on the Editorial Advisory Committee?I enjoy reviewing the different article that members submit. Reading these articles helps me to continue to broaden my knowledge base. More than that, I feel there is a real need for an independent user group for those using Oracle.

If Oracle were our only source of information, we would get a filtered, censored version of reality rant than an open forum for discussion, which wouldn’t help Oracle customers, independent software vendors, and ultimately Oracle itself.
What are your plans/vision for the Editorial Advisory Committee in 2024?I want to ensure that the topics we present are relevant to OATUG members and to promote the value of an independent organization from Oracle.

With this independence, I plan to collaborate with the other committee members to increase OATUG’s membership and continue to foster a great user group.
What is included in the committee work?The committee work includes reviewing documents that are submitted for OATUG Insight Magazine and enhancing the user experience through the website, community, and other platforms to improve user engagement.
What is your background?I have and IT background with a competency in supply chain and procurement. I am a functional and technical consultant within the Oracle ERP space.
What is a fun fact about you?If I go three days without exercising, I get antsy!

Picture this: Living in a beachside town on the side of an extinct volcano – That’s where David and his family live, enjoying a New Zealand outdoor lifestyle from surfing to mountain biking.

David joined the More4apps team in 2005 when he returned to New Zealand after spending time working in Europe and the USA.

He manages the Solution Specialists team and assists the Product Development, Support, and Marketing teams. David enjoys the variation in his day-to-day roles with the ability to deal with people from all over the world. With a real commitment to the Oracle ERP space, he is currently the Co-Chair of the Oracle Applications and Technology User Groups Education committee.

Two people David would like to invite along to a dinner would be Frank Black and Iggy Pop both influential musicians with outrageous and unpredictable stage antics. Imagine what dinner could be like!

More4apps is thrilled to return as a sponsor for Ascend 2024.

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