Unlocking Opportunities and Insights: Recapping our Time at Oracle CloudWorld Tour London

Unlocking Opportunities and Insights: Recapping our Time at Oracle CloudWorld Tour London

Trade shows are more than just exhibitions; they’re vibrant hubs of innovation, networking, and discovery. Recently, our team had the privilege of attending Oracle CloudWorld Tour London, and it was an enriching experience that left us buzzing with excitement and brimming with new ideas.

Oracle CloudWorld Tour London was the second city included in the global tour on 14 March 2024. The event was free to attend and provided opportunities for learning from experts and customers, networking with peers and partners, and new developments in Fusion Cloud infrastructure, databases, applications, and more!

Oracle CloudWorld Tour London provided the perfect opportunity to showcase our brand, products, and support services. The More4apps UK sales team engaged with attendees, answered questions, and showcased our tools with hands-on demonstrations of the EBS and ERP Cloud Toolboxes, which allowed prospective customers to see how they can download, edit, and upload pre-validated data in a fraction of the time compared to Oracle’s Web ADI, ADFdi, and FBDI.

Moreover, the team connected with like-minded professionals, industry experts, customers, prospects, and potential partners. Forging valuable connections while on the trade show floor is an opportunity that is harder to come by in an era of remote work. Having the chance to interact and share knowledge with other attendees was invaluable.

The UK sales team at the Oracle CloudWorld Tour in London.

More4apps tools were created by end-users, for end-users, and are an intuitive, accurate alternative for managing your Oracle ERP data – keeping your ERP your single source of truth.

More4apps 10X why we win

The More4apps Toolboxes offer advanced validation so errors are presented in the context of the data to save time and reduce frustration.

Furthermore, More4apps solutions streamline the data loading process into a single Excel spreadsheet, which seamlessly handles hierarchies between records. A single spreadsheet means users don’t have to switch between Oracle screens, Excel, or desktops.

Any users can adapt our templates to fit their needs and share them with others. Flexible formatting allows users to copy and paste data between sheets easily.

Additionally, More4apps offers users a reliable platform that does not break with updates and patches. These tools are designed to be compatible with all recent Excel and Windows versions to stay flexible and resilient to changes.


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