Charting and Data Visualization Tricks in Excel
26th of October, 2022 | 12 PM EDT
Charting and Data Visualization Tricks in Excel was our last MrExcel webinar of the 2022 calendar year. Watch the webinar recording and learn how to efficiently use the charting and data visualization tools.
The Power of the Supplier Wizard
13th of July, 2021
Imagine reducing your data loading processes from 3 weeks to 2 days! Watch More4apps webinar recording of our presales consultant, Andrew Gooch, demonstrate the power of the Supplier Wizard during our Product 101 webinar.
Tips to Perk up your Excel Workbooks with MrExcel
13th of July, 2022 @ 12 PM EDT | 5 PM BST
We hope you enjoyed a cup of coffee as MrExcel discussed techniques for adding a jolt to your workbook to calculate speed. They say there are five formulas to solve every problem in Excel, but some of those formulas are dramatically faster than the others. Learn more when you download the webinar!
How to Mitigate Supply Chain Issues in your Oracle ERP
25th of May, 2022 @ 12 PM EST | 26th of May, 2022 @ 12 PM AEST
Download and watch the webinar recording to learn how having up-to-date, reliable data allows you to analyze possible scenarios and better plan for a variety of market conditions and disruptions.
Date & Time Formats in Excel
27th of April, 2022 @ 12 PM EDT | 4 PM GMT
Learn from MrExcel how to eliminate roadblocks with a single Excel spreadsheet. Watch the webinar to learn how you can quickly process data by creating automatic formulas for your customized reporting parameters.
Combining RPA & Excel
30th of March, 2022 @ 12 PM CST | 1 PM EDT
In this webinar, both partner companies who share the same goal – to greatly enhance data operational efficiencies. They also shared real customer success stories.

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