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What's new in Excel?

Spend an hour with Bill "MrExcel" Jelen as he reveals the awesome new features added to Excel. See what is new in Excel, from the amazing new formula functions to pivot table improvements.

This webinar will cover:

  • Save your favorite pivot table settings in the new pivot table defaults dialog
  • New powerful formulas where one formula can spill an entire range of results
  • New calculation functions SORT, FILTER, UNIQUE
  • How XLOOKUP runs circles around INDEX/MATCH or VLOOKUP
  • Retrieve exchange rates, stock prices, or weather history using Data Types
  • Show all changes made in the last 60 days to your workbook: who, where, when.
  • A dozen other minor features such as Unselecting cells, Unhide multiple worksheets, stop Excel from nagging about CSV files.

Whats new in excel with mr excel

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