Case Studies

Reducing Painful Data Entry in Fixed Assets
Find out how a a global pharmaceutical company used the More4apps Asset Wizard release talented staff from repetitive data tasks.
Accounts Receivable Team Accelerates End-to-End Billing Process on Oracle ERP
A leading UK broadband, video, and mobile communications provider with 80 million home business and mobile subscribers and annual revenues of £5.8 prepared to migrate to Oracle Fusion Cloud. Keep reading and see how the AR team quickly and easily handled data for transactions.
Oracle ERP Cloud Migration is Nailed by U.S. Construction Company
To avoid transferring out-of-date data to its new ERP system, the company underwent a significant data cleansing.
A London-Based Council’s Oracle ERP Migration to Cloud
Read on to learn how More4apps tools dulled the company's pain points and sped up their data processes when migrating to Oracle ERP Cloud.
Improving your Data Processes Saves Time & Money
After implementing products from the More4apps EBS Toolbox, which are simple yet effective, out-of-the-box solutions, James Avery Artisan Jewelry saved an estimated $840K annually. Read the full case study.
Slashing Data Entry Time & Improving Product Quality
Find out how a manufacturer slashed data updates from six months to 24 hours without staff overtime and improved product quality by using More4apps solutions. Read the full case study today.

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