Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Help Telecommunications Company Call its Data Process a Success

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Help Telecommunications Company Call its Data Process a Success

Automating Data Processes with a Single Excel Spreadsheet

Case Study – Telecommunications

Discover how a telecommunications company automated its entire data process with Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.

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The Customer

The customer is a telecommunications company that provides mobile phone services exclusively for the East Coast, United States. Their business model is based on advanced payment with unlimited call services.

In 2014, another wireless company signed a 2G and 3G roaming agreement with the customer that would allow their customers to use the customers mobile network without charge. At that stage, they were a relatively small player in the market and approximately 60,000 users and two small stores. By the summer of 2018, they had over 50 stores and 3,000,000 users.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Application Solutions

Product: Procurement Module

ERP Type: ERP Cloud

More4apps Oracle ERP Cloud Toolbox.

The Problem

The company’s rapid success and growth in the marketplace significantly increased. They created 100 to 300 purchase requisitions, each with 30 or more lines, compared to 2014 when the number of purchase requisitions was between eight and nine. 

The purchase requisitions were generated for customer orders by product managers within 24 hours, aligning with the telecommunications company’s customer service policy. 

As the company grew, it was evident that its current data process was out-of-date. Adding the data to the requisition took more time than filling the requisition. End-users manually entered the information line by line or form by form, increasing the amount of data errors and typos.

Employees waited days for their requisitions to be processed. Therefore, out of frustration and to avoid further processing lags, they entered purchase requisitions after creating the purchase order. Consequently, stepping out of the company’s standard practice and causing concern from internal auditors. 

Furthermore, these data process delays pushed delivery times. Successively impacting the telecommunication company’s customer satisfaction rate because their customers publicly shared their negative experiences. 

It was clear that the company had to find a solution to help clear data bottlenecks and win back their customers. 

Automating Data Processes with a Single Excel Spreadsheet

More4apps Helps Telecommunications Company Call its Data Process a Success

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More4apps solutions help telecommunication company call data process a success

The Solution… or is it?

To remove data bottlenecks, improve internal processes, and appease its customers, the wireless company implemented the Oracle Cloud interface. However, this method was unsuccessful because the available templates and catalogs within the Oracle Cloud interface didn’t accommodate their needs. 

Moreover, the company’s project managers and warehouse staff experienced steady turnover, which made training and upskilling employees in Oracle Cloud much more difficult. 

The Realization

The telecommunications company would continue employing the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications but needed to be realistic about automating its purchase requisitions process. 

In addition to releasing product managers and warehouse staff from manual data management, the business required a plug-and-play option that eliminated IT involvement so they could focus on higher-priority tasks.  

Simplified & Streamlined Processes

The telecommunications company discovered More4apps, a software company that would help them to capitalize on its staff’s familiarity with Excel while removing data processing bottlenecks. More4apps’ ERP Cloud Toolbox transforms how customers work and is complete with solutions that proactively respond to change. 

More4apps met with the customer to fully understand their pain points and goals, which allowed More4apps to confidently recommended their Procurement Module. The Procurement Module is part of the ERP Cloud Toolbox and controls purchase orders and requisitions processes with improved data entry quality and delivery. 

The Result

The customer’s employees created requisitions and lines in an Excel spreadsheet that integrates securely into Oracle. More4apps solutions empower end-users to have confidence in their data and take control of their processes. 

With the More4apps Procurement Module, data is pre-validated, errors are identified in real-time, and mass volumes of data are quickly uploaded via a reusable Excel template while upholding the security of Oracle. 
More4apps helped the telecommunication company revolutionize its Oracle ERP Cloud system by harnessing the power of Excel to clear data bottlenecks and release talented staff from manual entry to focus on higher priorities.

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