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Budgets and projects perfect partners designed to slash data entry and empower forecasting

The client:

A leading energy provider in the Australiasian energy market . They pride themselves on delivering smart, reliable and safe solutions brought about by deep industry knowledge and interconnected infrastructure.

The problem:

As part of their ongoing business they have a considerable number or portfolio of products that need to report and deliver on annually – this can be up to 400 large or small scale projects.

In order to manage this pool of projects they need to ensure that they have business processes to forecast and cash flow these monthly.

“We have a number of make shift systems that gather this information together but our current process involves loading this information back into Oracle so we can manage/report our projects effectively through our production systems/reports.”

The company has invested in a sophisticated reporting and real/time visualization tool, however, this meant that the data needs to be accurate. The current process was manual heavy with data needing to be uploaded and downloaded could be aligned with production systems and reporting.

The solution:

“We are currently working on maximizing the amount of information in the Oracle system over some of our non IT system solutions that require specialized resources to manage. “

After looking at their options the organization decided to utilize the functionality of More4apps Budget Wizard and Project Wizard, enabling the organization to report out of  OBI and Power BI. 

“The Budget wizard probably saves us more than 1-2 weeks in forecast loading a month of labor should someone try to do this using WebADI journals for each individual project. We can currently load all these projects in around 30 min using the current tool by adding some of our own simple VBA scripts to the tool.”

Project wizard has also transformed the organisations ability to forecast, monitor and track projects.  

“Project wizard allows us to change bulk classifications, key members or tasks and saves a couple days mundane work annually, replacing a keystroke tracker we were using, by using both we save/weeks and months of time annually… doing it manually. To be honest without that wizard we could not do the reporting we currently do from Oracle Projects as the timeliness of the data and the labor requirement would be too costly and we would return our focus on makeshift solutions or non Oracle applications that can do this better.”

Senior Management Accountant 


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