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Why Origin Energy chose More4apps to streamline their AP and AR processing - and realized their ROI in a matter of MONTHS!

Origin Energy, Australia

Origin Energy, an Australian utility organization, had an outdated tool for data loading their AR Receipts into Oracle. It did not give them the efficiency and validation benefits they needed, and consistently created errors and took a large amount of time to fix.

After viewing a live WebEx demonstration, the IT team identified More4apps’ AR Invoice Wizard and More4apps AR Receipt Wizard as potential alternatives. They conducted an initial evaluation of the product and quickly realized it had the potential to deliver the efficiency gains required. Origin put the product through the company’s rigorous testing process. It went through substantial IT and User Acceptance testing and was then approved by the IT group and the company’s user group.

The approximate hours taken to implement the products are shown in the table below:

Origin Actual Implementation Time (hrs) - More4apps
Testing Implementation (hrs) Training (hrs) Documentation (hrs) Total (hrs)
AR Invoices 10 2 1 6 19
AR Receipts 12 2 1 4 19

Origin estimated after the first 3 months of using the More4apps AR Invoice Wizard, the company had achieved a return on their investment of time and money. The More4apps AR Receipt Wizard realized the ROI within just 2 months of use.

Origin Return on Investment (ROI) - More4apps
Transaction Numbers (per month) Manual Data Entry (days) Other DL Tool (days) Using More4apps (days) Savings (days) 100% ROI Time and Cost (months)
AR Invoices 4,000 43 N/A 5 38 3
AR Receipts 25,000 54 18 2 16 2

The primary benefit has been cost savings from faster data entry and data integrity; enabling staff to focus on reconciliation, credit management and other value-added tasks. Overall the customer is extremely pleased with the tools. 

Origin tackled their AR data entry headache and won!

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