Oracle Data Loading – What Are The Choices?

Oracle Data Loading – What Are The Choices?

Data is Vital to Business Strategy and Decision-making


It is crucial to find the best Oracle data loading solution as it directly impacts business strategy and decision-making. Therefore, master data must be accurate and up-to-date for it to be valuable.

Poor-quality data can be costly. According to research group Gartner, the annual cost to a business can be between $9.7 million and $14.2 million. This cost is associated with different areas, including wasted resources and lost sales. Committing to improving data quality can positively impact business top and bottom-line results.

This Oracle data loading whitepaper covers options and outlines how More4apps products simplify and accelerate data entry processes for businesses, human resources management, supply chain, and procurement to financial services and projects.

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Benefits of Data Loading

Investing in the More4apps EBS Toolbox or ERP Cloud Toolbox offers many benefits to key business stakeholders. Read on to find out more.

Senior Management

  • Decision-making is supported by highly reliable, accurate master data
  • Improved efficiency within the data entry team, meaning reduced costs in terms of headcount
  • Faster processing times for important business operating procedures
  • Improved return on investment from Oracle

IT Team

  • Releases IT specialist’s time to provide support with more technical tasks
  • Enables stakeholders to better utilize Oracle systems, meaning fewer queries to IT
  • Positively impacts master data quality, governance and security
  • Improves audit quality across the company


  • Reduces the amount of time spent on routine master data processing, releasing more time for other important work to be completed
  • Improves accuracy and offers the ability to easily detect and resolve data quality issues and errors
  • Improves audit trail
  • Allows employees to spend more time analyzing master data and taking appropriate action, rather than being focused only on data entry


  • Enables users to complete their data inputting work more quickly and easily, using a familiar program
  • Removes the need to work with Oracle forms, which are not user-friendly or designed for mass data entry
  • Easier to detect and amend

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