A Single Excel Spreadsheet Solution

More4apps suite of solutions integrate seamlessly with each other and your Oracle ERP instance, providing up-to-date data when and where you need it with the highest levels of quality.


Discover how our products maintain Oracle’s security and integrate into your live Oracle E-Business Suite or Oracle ERP Cloud when you review our suite of products below. 


Combine the power of Excel and Oracle to release talented staff from repetitive data entry tasks.

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Oracle ERP Products

Oracle EBS

Oracle Fusion Cloud

Oracle EBS

More4apps offers a secure, integrated connection to your live Oracle E-Business Suite data and ensures the accuracy of your data loading analysis.

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More4apps EBS Toolbox

Oracle Fusion Cloud

More4apps software integrates easily with your tech stack and processes so that it can be part of your ongoing journey of overseeing clean data while staying upgrade proof with quarterly releases.

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ERP Cloud Toolbox

Find our more about our EBS and ERP Cloud Toolbox solutions.

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Data Integrity Across your Org.
  • Pre-validation checks
  • Real-time error messages
  • Reuse templates on an ongoing basis
  • Quickly upload mass volumes of data
  • Following existing Oracle security

Empower End-Users

More4apps Oracle ERP products empower end-users by providing them with complete ownership of their data-loading processes. 


Since these products use an Excel spreadsheet, minimum training is required. More4apps solutions seamlessly connect with Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications and are simple to use. Therefore, allowing you to quickly import and export data from your ERP system. 


To reduce risk, data validation always occurs before data is added to Oracle. 

More4apps empowers end-users

It's all about the data: Make Excel work for you

Unfortunately, Oracle’s ERP tools for data uploads and downloads are complex, hard to use, and difficult to tailor to your specific needs.

There is a better way…

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The Problem with Data

  • Controlling mass volumes of data.
  • Ongoing urgent data updates, changes, and conversion needs.
  • Oracle forms & data loading tools are not flexible or efficient.
  • High risks of inaccuracies.

The Perks of Excel-based Software

  • End-users know and love it.
  • Eliminate the need for customized tools.
  • Allow self-service across departments.
  • Maintain single source of truth, with real-time Excel-to-Oracle integration.

Power Through Daily Tasks

Eliminate hassle-prone tools, speed through data conversions and migrations, and gain trust in your data.

Excella doesn't like using hassle-prone data loading tools
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Excella uses More4apps Oracle ERP products for faster and more efficient data.
  • Download data into a single Excel spreadsheet.
  • Pre-validation check.
  • Upload back into Oracle once completed.

Investing in the More4apps EBS Toolbox or ERP Cloud Toolbox offers many benefits to business stakeholders:

Senior Management benefits
  • Decision-making backed by highly true, accurate data
  • Improved efficiency within the data entry team, meaning reduced costs in terms of headcount
  • Faster processing times for important business operating procedures
  • Improved return on investment from Oracle
Management benefits
  • Reduces the time spent on routine data processing, giving more time for other important work
  • Improves accuracy and offers the ability to detect and resolve data quality issues and errors
  • Improves audit trail
  • Rather than only doing data entry, now employees can analyze data and take appropriate action
IT Team benefits
  • Releases IT staff to support more technical tasks
  • Enables users to better utilize Oracle systems, meaning fewer queries to IT teams
  • Positively impacts data quality, governance, and security
  • Improves audit quality across the company
End-user benefits
  • Enables users to complete their data entry work more quickly and easily, using a familiar program
  • Removes the need to work with Oracle forms, which aren’t convenient or designed for mass data entry
  • Easier to detect and amend errors data exclusions

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Combine the power of Excel and Oracle to release staff from repetitive data tasks.

  • Download ERP data into Excel spreadsheets
  • Find and fix errors
  • Validate data
  • Upload data back into Oracle
  • Carry on with your day!
Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications and Oracle EBS Toolbox


Save time by pasting data from existing sheets into the More4apps interface for Oracle.


Simple changes in business processes can deliver significant gains in productivity and capability.
Out of box Excel Oracle Solution

Quick to Implement

Tools that work straight out-of-the-box with a familiar Excel user interface.
Accuracy for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications


Less manual data entry means better accuracy and more meaningful information for your business.
Security for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications


Utilizing Oracle's secure web services and user authentication for uploads and downloads.
Ongoing Support for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

Ongoing Support

More4apps class-leading support team solves issues and manages customization requests in record time.

Trusted Partner

More4apps is a certified Oracle partner servicing 400+ companies and 34,000+ end-users globally.


Offering solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, we aim to improve activities in a user-friendly, orderly, and cost-effective manner, making sure that data is trustworthy, correct, and current.


With More4apps solutions, companies are empowered to control their data while enabling teams to create, update, and mass upload/download data within an Excel interface.


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Having reps around the world gives us insight into what market trends are happening locally with them but also globally and we know the things we need to keep a pulse on with our product line."

More4apps has been an Oracle partner for over 20 years.

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