How do Oracle’s tools stack up against the EBS Toolbox?

More4apps offers solutions that allow data owners to carry out mass uploads and updates easily and accurately. This helps to return control of the data to its business owner, rather than relying on the IT team or Oracle support.

  • Enables users to complete their data loads quickly and easily in a single Excel spreadsheet.
  • Removes the need to work with Oracle forms which are not user-friendly or designed for mass data entry.
  • Easier to detect and amend errors or omissions in the data with advanced validation.

Download, edit, and upload pre-validated data in a fraction of the time compared to Web ADI. Accurate and up-to-date data when and where you need it.

Web ADI vs More4apps: Comparing Data Loading Alternatives for E-Business Suite.

Why Companies Choose More4apps

Single Spreadsheet
Advanced Validation
Flexible Formatting
Reliable Platform

Single Spreadsheet

 The EBS Toolbox streamlines the process into a single Excel workbook, which seamlessly handles hierarchies between records. Oracle tools require users to constantly switch between Oracle screens, Excel, and their desktops. Oracle tools also require users to manually link records such as Headers and Lines across different worksheets and using record IDs.

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The More4apps EBS Toolbox streamlines your data loading processes into a single Excel spreadsheet.

Advanced Validation

More4apps presents the errors in the context of the data, which saves time and reduces frustration. Oracle tools offer basic validation, but typically after the data has already been loaded, and require complex and tedious reconciliations.

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The More4apps EBS Toolbox presents errors in context of the data to save time and reduce frustration.

Flexible Formatting

Any user can adapt the EBS Toolbox templates to fit their business needs and share them with others. Easily copy and paste data between sheets as you would with any other Excel document.

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The More4apps EBS Toolbox has flexible formatting so users can adapt templates as needed.

Reliable Platform

Oracle tools often break with Windows and Office updates while any changes to their rigid formats tend to break the templates. The EBS Toolbox is designed to be compatible across all recent Excel and Windows versions in order to be flexible and resilient to changes.

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The More4apps EBS Toolbox won't break with Microsoft and Office updates.

Be confident that your data is accurate and up-to-date when making critical business decisions

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How does the EBS Toolbox compare to Web ADI?

With our tools, teams can perform accurate mass data entry, making laborious data entry tasks a thing of the past. Our tools also incorporate pre-existing features of Oracle Web ADI, including instantaneous error feedback in sheets and real-time data validation.

Making the switch to us is easy, and your Oracle data processing teams will experience immediate benefits. 

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Oracle Forms Oracle Web ADI Data Loader
Supports Mass Data Entry
Single Spreadsheet UI
User Data Entry Forms
User Customizable Layouts
Real-Time Data Validation
Form/Sheet Error Feedback
Handles Patches and Upgrades with Ease
Download Existing Data Objects without Limitations
Free from Development and Internal Support

How does Oracle Web ADI stack up against the More4apps EBS Toolbox?

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It’s all about the data: Make Excel work for you

Unfortunately, Oracle’s ERP tools for data uploads and downloads are complex, hard to use, and difficult to tailor to your specific needs. There is a better way…

Experience the benefits an Excel spreadsheet solution has to offer!

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Is your Web ADI a solution or is it overhead disguised as a solution?

Watch the webinar recording and uncover the dark secrets of Oracle Web ADI.

Your Smarter, More Intuitive Excel Interface for Oracle

Ensure that your Oracle ERP data remains the single source of truth for your business. Combining Microsoft Excel and Oracle, allows users to control, manipulate, upload, and download data from within a fully functioning Excel spreadsheet.

Users can streamline mass uploads of master and transactional data through a simple and intuitive spreadsheet. 

Data is validated before it is uploaded, which reduces errors and provides more accurate, up-to-date data. This allows businesses to make informed business decisions.

Oracle Web ADI vs. More4apps EBS Toolbox

Uncovering the Dark Secrets of Oracle Web ADI

Back by popular demand- “Uncovering the Dark Secrets of Oracle Web ADI” is a one-hour-long webinar where our expert debunked the myths surrounding this popular tool.

Find out if your Web ADI is a solution or if it’s overhead disguised as a solution when you complete the form and watch the webinar recording.

Get the recording from our webinar, Uncovering the Dark Secrets of Oracle Web ADI.
  • Compatible with recent Microsoft Excel and later versions
  • Single sign-on compliant
  • Easy to install (Excel Add-In) and implement
  • Uses your Oracle ERP login authentication
  • Employs Oracle EBS security and access is granted by role
  • Straight forward Oracle set-up and installation

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