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How one manufacturer reduced their Bill of Materials data entry time from 3-4 weeks to 3-4 days

Toyota Boshoku, USA

Toyota Boshuku’s engineering, sales and manufacturing landscape is a complex web of interactions. Updates are constantly needed in an accurate and timely manner; especially when it comes to our Bill of Materials (BOM) information.

A complex set of multiple data sources

We have multiple systems to contain BOM information. Aside from the Engineering System System BOMs, we have Manufacturing BOMs in both our ordering system and Oracle EBS. The manual maintenance process of multiple Manufacturing BOMs cause a significant amount of duplicated manual effort and introduced potential errors and risks for essential inventory data.

Knowing that we could not eliminate any of the three systems, we undertook a project to make Oracle EBS our Manufacturing BOM master database. Due to the complexity of the Engineering system we need to manually update the BOM details before loading it into any system. By making Oracle EBS the ‘master’ we needed an interface to feed BOM data to our ordering system.

Our investigations told us it took 3-4 weeks to get our Engineering BOMs into both our ordering system, as well as Oracle EBS. We also found that most of our plants were maintaining an Excel BOM as well!

The solution

If we could find a tool which would allow an extraction of the Engineering BOM to be used as input into Oracle, we could greatly reduce the amount of manual effort required, as well as reduce the number of manufacturing and inventory issues. We searched for ways to help reduce the manual time required to create and maintain BOMs. Luckily we found the More4Apps BOM Wizard.

The Wizard also means we can remove the need to maintain a separate Excel BOM as an Excel file because now they can be pulled from the EBS master at any time. We have commenced production at our first plant using the BOM Wizard and it has proven to be well worth the small expense. With the introduction of the More4Apps BOM Wizard, our users reported that we could reduce the amount of time required to enter these BOMs manually, from 3-4 weeks down to 3-4 days!

The success we are already seeing has led us to evaluating other Wizards from More4Apps such as the Price List Wizard and the Purchase Order Wizard for its AutoCreate functionality! We have just started this process but expect to see similar time-saving benefits across our whole workforce.

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