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Reducing Stress for Managers with Improved Employee Data Managements

The biggest challenge for most human resources departments is that the workforce is constantly changing. The more people you have in any organization, the more change you must deal with. Managing data in relation to the lives of those engaged in the process of working in or managing the company is more than a full-time job; it’s a constant balance of critical information.

The days of employing people and expecting them to stay in their jobs for most of their working lives are long gone. The variables requiring increased management include, but are not limited to:

  • Wellness
  • Attrition
  • Capabilities
  • Training and skills gained or needed
  • Tax and student loan rates
  • Holidays and terminations.

One employee’s pathway through the organization

Bob started working as an apprentice for a large manufacturing plant in the engineering room. His training needed to be planned and results recorded as he moved through each level of his apprenticeship which was ultimately reported on to his supervisors. Bob was one of 500 apprentices. That’s a lot of reporting! 

As he progressed from role to role within the company, his changing rates of pay, supervisors, organizations all had to be maintained in a timely manner for reporting and payroll purposes. He then left the company after ten years, resulting in more data to load to ensure his final pays and taxes were correct and his employee record effectively terminated. 

After five years away, Bob then returned to the company where he started his career path and sought work as a site manager. This required a salary proposal, approval, updates of his personal details, relationships, addresses, and several contact phone numbers. While he was being entered back into the system, his plant managers were also working out costings for the projects’ relevant teams and that included employee and management assignments, budgets, and capability cross-checking among staff employed for special projects. 

Data implications for HR departments

In any industry that uses a lot of contractors for projects, mass hiring and rehiring can require particularly labour-intensive data loading times, and accuracy of the data is often critically important. Getting information wrong in terms of capability vs pay rates can blow a budget out very easily. Wasting time on finding errors in data entry can also take its toll on administration teams, and not only cause time delays, but budget pressures for departments too. 

More4apps HR Wizards accommodate the various needs of HR managers in terms of up-to-date and accurate information for planning projects, people-power, training and operating budgets. The three Wizards across the HR Suite enable the loading of mass data into Oracle EBS, and go so far as to not only manage changes to core information on regular or permanent staff, but also contingent workers, and all applicants for any role. 

How More4apps can help HR managers

Key information can be uploaded directly into Oracle EBS from Microsoft Excel, eliminating the need to use Oracle Forms, which is often a slow and laborious option by the time all the screens have been used. The data in the Excel spreadsheets is validated before uploading so that accuracy is assured, and any errors noted easily and quickly fixed. You can also import files into Excel or download existing data from Oracle. 

Worksheets in the Wizards can also automatically configure themselves to Element definitions by displaying relative segments and lists of values, extract existing elements entries, make changes and re-load. Messages returned from the interface are clearly reflected in the worksheet meaning errors can be corrected and re-loaded in minimal time.

The Wizards are flexible, intuitive and support a wide range of configurations including descriptive flexfields, custom list of values, extra information and special information. One of the things that most companies really love about More4apps Wizards is that while they use Oracle E-Business suite security, keeping you and your data safe they are designed to be run without the need to use the Oracle Forms, you can control the entire process from the spreadsheet. 

Loading and maintaining both recurring and non-recurring entries against employee assignments is incredibly easy, saves time, increases accuracy and in turn improves productivity. But most of all, when reports are more accurate and delivered in a timely manner, managers are able to plan, move fluidly with the demands of the company, and become more responsive to changes. This, in turn, moves most management functions to focusing on development rather than having to be reactively fire-fighting non-forecasted trends and challenges. 

Data security for Employees

Employees who are confident that the information captured and used about them for planning and managing them are also more effective. Not having to worry about tax rates, or training information being incorrect when it comes time to terminate or rehire saves them time too. 

One company found by streamlining their HRMS functions using More4apps Wizards, data entry time was reduced from hours to only minutes when doing mass loads for conversions. Tetra Tech Inc. said the program was simple, fast and a ‘life saver’.  

Reducing stress levels for data entry teams, as well as improving the accuracy of reported data is a key influence in outcomes for many organisations, and a critical KPI for managers everywhere. 

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