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Uncovering the Dark Secrets of Oracle Web ADI

Uncovering the Dark Secrets of Oracle Web ADI

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Back by popular demand- “Uncovering the Dark Secrets of Oracle Web ADI” is a one-hour-long webinar where our expert debunked the myths surrounding this popular tool.

Find out if your Web ADI is a solution or if it’s overhead disguised as a solution when you complete the form and watch the webinar recording.

Webinar Description

Web ADI is a free data loading tool that is included with and supported by Oracle. It allows businesses to use Oracle E-Business Suite and Microsoft Excel in tandem for their data loading needs.

Many companies rely on this tool to keep track of thousands of individual pieces of data. Despite its benefits though, there are many limitations. From compatibility with Excel to usability, patches, and upgrades, Web ADI harbors dark secrets that cost businesses more than they know.

Is your Web ADI a solution for data entry into Oracle or is it another overhead disguised as a solution? In this presentation, Andrew Gooch, Technical Content Developer & Solutions Architect at More4apps debunks the myths surrounding this popular tool.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Define the data entry problem and why Excel is a great way to create and update data
  • Unpack Web ADI offerings
  • Understand how changes in software lifecycle can affect its use
  • See other third-party options in action
  • Q & A
  • And more

Meet the Presenter

Andrew Gooch, Technical Content Developer & Solutions Architect

Andrew Gooch, Technical Content Developer & Solutions Architect at More4apps.

Andrew Gooch has an extensive history working with Oracle EBS. Gooch resides in the UK with his family and works at More4apps as the technical lead in Europe. He creates and assists customers with implementing More4apps solutions.

In his spare time, Gooch is at the local football field playing soccer, running or spending time with his family. Alongside his passion for sports , he has an interest in foreign language and traveling.

Gooch isn’t afraid of a challenge and believes in making the most of the opportunities thrown his way.

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