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It’s tempting to skip those software updates and just keep working, but is this really the best option? Software updates are a vital part of system security. If you fail to keep your business computers – all of them – updated properly, you increase the risk to your systems, and your business.

After releasing a product for purchase, the More4apps teams continue to work on improving it, fixing problems, and correcting any security issues that are discovered. We have a backlog of enhancement suggestions from customers, and these are released through this process.

We know our customers enjoy the efficiencies and cost savings delivered by the More4apps EBS Toolbox. We want this experience to be as up to date as possible.

As you renew your support agreement for your More4apps products, we’re encouraging you to upgrade your Wizards on a regular basis, to implement the processes to achieve this, and to engage with More4apps to help where necessary. 

While we are regularly releasing updates for our Wizards, we know that you are looking for upgrades in other areas so we have developed solutions for that too.

Fix software bugs

Add or enhance features

Improve performance

Fix security issues

Support version upgrades

Migrating to Cloud?

Our recently released ERP Cloud Toolbox offers four key modules - Finance, Procurement, Projects & Product Definition - with more to come. Moving to Cloud can be a daunting prospect, but with our experience with Oracle, constant support & secure operations we can make your rollout simple.

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