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1000+ Lines Cut Down to Only Minutes a Day

1000 lines on remittance advice does not have to represent 2-3 days work checking and loading using line-by-line data entry options. Now you can cut this back dramatically using AR Receipt Wizard, loading everything smoothly into Excel:

  • Highlight all the differences quickly, chargebacks, request for credits, overpayments, and short payments
  • Validate against the real-time available balance in Oracle before loading

And in minutes you’re done!

If your company has charge-backs, part payments, rebates, or company-issued credits, quickly working out where you are overall can be challenging. The usual method is downloading an aged trial balance in Oracle and then using the Excel Vlookup function to match invoices and remittance lines.

Once you have identified the differences and created the appropriate transactions then the remittance is loaded manually. If it doesn’t balance then you have to do the re-conciliation again. For some companies this has been a 2.5 day process when you have large remittances.

Whether you’re a bank, or Telco, or a hospital, you need to know that all your receipts are 100% applied as per Remittance Advice every month. More4apps Receipt Wizard uses the transaction number and amount in Excel and can then validate this against the Oracle Available balance, highlighting differences in your remittance.

Once you have reviewed the differences and are ready to load, this is done automatically from Excel thus eliminating keying errors. This has turned a 2.5-day process for some telecommunication companies into a couple of hours.

When you can be absolutely sure of your data’s accuracy, and able to quickly and efficiently load it into Oracle, you’d want to know about it right? To find out more, join us in a 30-minute demonstration of how easily you can be mastering your data management with Oracle EBS.

David Wright

David Wright

Product Champion Lead

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