More4apps and Nivo1 join forces to automate Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS) payables process with accurate data | More4apps

More4apps and Nivo1 join forces to automate Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS) payables process with accurate data.

Nivo1 has entered a strategic partnership with More4apps for expanding their solution offerings to also include data loading and data management requirements.


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Oracle Partners More4apps Nivo1

Nivo1 and More4apps are partnering not only to offer customers greater access to automating their invoice processing needs but also to improve the capture and maintenance of supplier data. More4apps' Supplier Wizard complements Nivo1's Smart Data Capture engine for supplier master maintenance and data automation. The partnership establishes a trusted relationship between Nivo1 and More4apps, who share similar integration philosophies, developing products specifically for Oracle EBS and providing native connectivity.

Currently, Nivo1 customers have AP Express to process and approve invoices, and suppliers have Nivo1’s portal to send invoices and gain access to working capital. Nivo1’s Smart Data Capture engine automatically captures supplier contact information from incoming invoices. However, Nivo1’s strategy depends on the high quality of supplier data, and the company has limited functionality to upload data to EBS. More4apps ensures the supplier data is captured and cleansed to help onboard Nivo1’s customers and help improve the seed data required for Nivo1’s Smart Data Capture engine.

The new partnership will highlight both parties’ dominance in their respective functional areas offering existing and prospective customers a greater depth of functionality purpose built and natively integrated to Oracle EBS. 

Brian Grossweiler, More4apps Global VP, Sales & Commercial Operations, says, “We’ve worked with Oracle systems for more than 20 years, so we know a thing or two about data. This partnership allows our customers to take advantage of Nivo1’s automation solutions and Nivo1’s customers to experience true end-user data loading tools into Oracle with our Oracle EBS Toolbox products.”

Nivo1 founder and CEO David Busch added, “Having clean and accurate supplier contact and banking information is critical to a successful AP automation initiative. By combining AP Express and More4apps’ Supplier Wizard, we now can provide our customers with a seamless and automated solution for building, cleansing, validating, and updating supplier information.”

With over 450 customers and 34,000 users globally More4apps is the premier provider of data load and data management solutions for Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud.

Nivo1’s natively integrated, easy to install, 100% success rate SaaS AP Automation Solution, AP Express, makes it the provider of choice for Oracle EBS customers seeking to automate and accelerate their invoice processing.

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