Simplify Processes & Oversee Sysadmin Tasks
all from a Single Excel Spreadsheet

Performing E-Business Suite system administration tasks with the standard user forms are designed for one off, one at a time data changes.

It’s hard to be effective because of the volume of information you need to enter to keep your end-user base functioning.

Streamlining day-to-day administrative tasks is key to ensuring your Oracle ERP system is working correctly and available to your internal client base.

No other job pulls people in so many directions at once. Users are constantly interrupted with requests, preventing sysadmins from progressing their tasks.

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More4apps System Administration Wizard

With More4apps, you’ll discover a powerful and central tool to maintain and perform system administrator duties in Oracle EBS.

With More4apps, you’ll discover a powerful and central tool to maintain and perform many system administrator duties in Oracle EBS. Therefore, allowing you to cover many of your sysadmin tasks from an Excel spreadsheet.

More4apps tools will improve productivity during general maintenance. Therefore, making short work where mass data entry usually would be required. For example, using a combination of the users, user management, and profile option values, More4apps tools along with standard Excel functionality, creates a seamless end-to-end upload of new users.

Streamline day-to-day system administration tasks in Oracle EBS

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A valuable solution with system administrators in mind.


Add New Entities to your Business

Quickly and easily add users, rebuild and recreate menus, roles and formalize responsibilities in an easy-to-use interface with Excel spreadsheets.

Adapt Quickly to Business Changes

Rapidly react to business change processes, as do the data requirements, such as flex values. Download, mass update, and create your flex values.

Expedite Employee Onboarding

Improved employee uptake by ensuring the onboarding of new users is fast and painless.
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Stop Small & Tedious Tasks from Taking Over your Day

Other tasks get put on hold because so much time gets dedicated to quick fixes and user setup issues. With a simple, fast, and accurate tool for EBS administration, you can now spend more time on value-add tasks.

Streamlining administrative tasks helps guarantee better system functionality and keeps end-users happy.

Data loading is essential to your business, but Oracle’s interface for uploads and downloads is inflexible and inefficient.
  • System administrators need to work across many different areas in Oracle EBS. Often this means having to make changes in several data entry forms to support many business processes.
  • All system administration tasks in one place, from profile options to users, responsibilities and menus. More4apps solutions contains six powerful templates to control and maintain multiple administration areas.
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Customer Success Story
Slashing Data Entry Time & Improving Data Quality

"Data accuracy is probably the next biggest thing. Loading data through Excel is so much easier than people manually punching it in via the keyboard and making mistakes that’s outside of the timeliness. Not to mention that data quality improvement flows into the production lines. Slashing data entry time and improving product quality."

- Josh Evangelista, Avery Dennison
More4apps solutions help a manufacturing company slash data entry time.
To learn more about how More4apps tools aided Avery Dennison with its data process, read the full case study.
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Two Solutions: Equally as Impactful

Accelerate your processes with a suite of trusted and reliable Excel-based solutions, so that you can get more done in less time.

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EBS Toolbox and ERP Cloud Toolbox - your Excel interface to Oracle
Ease of use Ease of Use
  • Manage your ERP efficiently, from creating new entries or reports to performing mass deactivations
  • Use Excel workbooks custom-built for your needs
  • Consolidate and import entries from multiple sources effortlessly
flexibility Flexibility
  • Customize download queries to your needs
  • Adjust spreadsheet layouts easily
  • Sort and filter for only what you want to see
scalability Scalability
  • Perform mass updates, manipulate and reupload to Oracle in seconds
  • Make changes to multiple datasets at once
  • Increase efficiency with automated processes and formulas
data accuracy Accuracy
  • Eliminate manual entry to reduce mistakes
  • Work with real-time ERP data with full validation support
  • Review processing errors row by row in Excel
  • Faster EBS user activation and deactivation. Cleaner, accelerated onboarding and user acceptance. More secure, removing access in a timely manner.
  • Improved security with the right users having the right access, reducing chances of fraud.
  • Reduce low value tasks allowing system administration teams to spend more time on valuable jobs that contribute to the businesses overall success.
  • Simplified view for administration. When maintaining your Oracle setups and users it can be difficult navigating Oracle and administering functional areas across the Oracle EBS system.

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