Keep Oracle Projects up-to-date with Ease

Making updates in projects module can be daunting. Need to swap out a project manager with 60 open projects? Change a DFF attribute on a particular task on 10,000+ projects?

It’s essential your team can accurately and efficiently load information for both minor and major changes. With standard Oracle forms, this can be slow, frustrating, and error-prone. It doesn’t have to stay that way.

Slash time-consuming, manual data entry with easy-to-use, flexible Excel-based solutions from More4apps. Take charge of maintaining project headers, classifications, tasks, key team members, transaction controls, project assets and assignments, and more.

No matter how many projects you oversee, More4apps programs makes creating and updating information simple, fast, and accurate.

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ERP Projects Module

Spend Less Time Loading Data and More Time Managing Project Success

Project Creation & Updates

Quickly create and maintain projects, tasks, and other related information. Perform mass updates to a single or multiple projects, shedding hours and even days off manual data entry timeframes.
Data loading efficiency

Costs & Adjustments

Create pre-approved/unprocessed costs in both ERP systems. Now in Cloud ERP you can perform cost adjustments, such as transfers from Excel as well as submit and receive feedback from the import processes all within the Excel environment.

Budgets & Forecasts

Save time by building and editing budgets and forecasts in Excel. Conduct what-if analysis before uploading directly from the spreadsheet.

Assets & Assignments

Download, create, update, and even delete assets and asset assignments. In EBS, dealing with UNASSIGNED asset lines is also quick and easy.
Oracle EBS - Create and Validate

Resource Lists

From Excel you can efficiently maintain resource lists, especially needed for non-centrally controlled lists.

Resource Assignments

Mass create, update, and delete resource assignments against tasks on the project workplan (EBS) and Financial Plan (Cloud ERP)


Create and maintain all types of revenue and billing events against contract projects. Available now for EBS and coming soon for Cloud ERP.

Agreements & Funding (EBS)

Create and maintain agreements and funding lines all within the familiar Excel environment.
Data loading efficiency

Labor Cost Rates

Whether you maintain hundreds or thousands of labor cost rates, More4apps make it simple to create, update, and delete rate information. Available now for EBS and coming soon for Cloud ERP.

What’s slowing down your project team?

Oracle’s data upload tools are notoriously complex, fragile, hard to use, and difficult to tailor to your specific needs.
  • The data management forms in Oracle are clunky and slow. Browser based forms make it difficult to navigate to/from and make it impossible to move fast. The free Excel tools available lack key functionality, and building and maintaining your own can be risky and expensive.
  • There is a better option. More4apps tools are proven, out-of-the-box solutions integrated with Excel spreadsheets directly with Oracle Projects. Whether for conversion or business-as-usual purposes, More4apps software allows rapid data input and editing with instant validation, so work happens on time, error-free.

Case Study
Managing & Updating Project Budgets doesn't have to be Hard

Because of WSP's size and capabilities, it has many data needs that stretch across its business sectors.

More4apps software helps construction company with data process.
Find out how More4apps accommodated the business' data processing needs when you read the entire case study.
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Two Solutions: Equally as Impactful

Accelerate your Oracle project management with a suite of trusted and reliable Excel-based solutions, so that you can get more done in less time.

Read more in the EBS Toolbox and ERP Cloud Toolbox brochures!

EBS Toolbox and ERP Cloud Toolbox - your Excel interface to Oracle
Ease of use Ease of Use
  • Manage projects efficiently, with fast loading and easy data entry
  • Download existing projects, modify, and re-load as updates or new projects
  • Modify details as quickly as you can copy and paste
  • Use Excel workbooks with familiar, intuitive features
  • Run numerous what-if scenarios for budgets and forecasts
flexibility Flexibility
  • Adjust spreadsheet layouts easily to meet your needs
  • Easily complete ad hoc changes, including rapidly reassigning team members and tasks anytime
  • Manage various budget and plan types
  • Choose to approve/baseline or not when uploading your budget/forecast
scalability Scalability
  • Create and utilize re-usable templates to reduce data entry
  • Increase efficiency with automated processes and formulas
  • Perform mass updates, manipulate and reupload to Oracle in seconds
data accuracy Accuracy
  • Eliminate manual entry to reduce mistakes
  • Download and work with real-time project data
  • Validate your data before it loads into Oracle
  • Review processing errors row by row in Excel
More4apps is the smart choice for your team.
  • Stamp out multi version spreadsheets lurking on desktops with one source of data that can be updated quickly and easily.
  • Make your staff more efficient, saving time and money.
  • Raise data quality and accuracy while decreasing rework and costly errors.
  • Handle acquisitions and mergers more efficiently.
  • Increase staff engagement by swapping tedious data-entry with higher value work.
  • Empower employees to spend less time processing data and more time managing projects.
  • Improve your return on investment in Oracle projects.

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