Access Core Data Across the Business

Data is the core of your business; whether driving commerce, providing trend signals, or meeting KPIs, the ability to react quickly and accurately is paramount.

Keep your Oracle ERP as the single source of truth with the power of More4apps Excel-based solutions, making use of your ERP application programmable interfaces, all while maintaining out-of-the-box secure data processing.

End-users can update, edit, and pre-validate master data across all business lines, providing an optimal return on your digital transformation spend. Plus, you gain an added advantage with real-time insights and a lean but trusted ERP team.

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Drive revenue and transform digital into a competitive advantage by:
  • Staying ahead of customer trends and competitive insights with real-time data insights.
  • Using your ERP data for better predictive planning and forecasting.
  • Providing opportunities for quicker changes and deviations.
  • Allowing your teams more strategic work without the hassle of slow, error-prone tools.
  • Greatly improving and enhancing operational efficiencies across business lines.

Impact Core Business Processes with an
Automated, Scalable Solution

Data management

Drive Innovation

No longer are your teams reliant on tedious upgrades and implementations. Keep your workforce operating smoothly and consistently, resulting in better business insights.
Mass data loading

Drive Growth

Oversee workforce changes and updates in mass to deal with large volumes of data and adapt quickly and efficiently to keep up with your fast-paced requests.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the need for IT customization with More4apps Excel-based solutions. The familiar Excel interface gives control back to employees, allowing them to process the data from start to finish.

Engage Employees

Alignment among teams and team members is crucial. Create a unified experience and trust within data, reports, and employee feedback.

Read the whitepaper:

Data Loading: What are the Choices?

Two Solutions:
Equally as Impactful

Accelerate your data loading with a suite of trusted and reliable, Excel-based solutions.

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Oracle Procure-to-Pay Processes Rely on Oracle products, like the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox and EBS Toolbox.
Security Features
  • Uses your Oracle ERP login authentication
  • Support single-sign-on
  • Access granted by role to each web service
  • Digitally signed BI reports
Settings Architecture
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013 and later versions
  • Oracle R11i and R12
  • Uses Oracle E-Business Suite or Oracle ERP Cloud security
  • XML web-based communication

Customer Testimonial
Reducing Stress for Managers with Improved Employee Data Processes

“With new acquisitions this year, More4apps tool [Employee Wizard] has played a vital role in streamlining our HRMS processes. It has cut our time from hours to a few minutes when doing mass loads for conversions. It is simple, fast and a lifesaver… The benefits of this product and customer service are truly exceptional. They are always open to suggestions and development too. I highly recommend this application for any HRMS department.”

– Roland Cons, Tetra Tech, Inc


Efficiency for Data Processing for Oracle E-Business Suite and ERP Cloud
Faster data entry
Improve data loading
Improved data quality
with tools
designed for end-users
Business Critical Data
Retained ownership of business-critical data within the appropriate teams
Cleaner data loading
Reduced need for IT support or development to improve master
and transactional data processes

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