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Product Definition Module

Is data holding back your product lifecycle?

Meeting customer, supplier and internal demand means you need accurate up-to-date information at all stages of a product lifecycle – from accurate item information to Bill of Material Structures, data is the glue that keeps your product master data working. 

The More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Product Definition Module powers up your investment in Oracle ERP by allowing your team to change, adapt, pivot, and react based on accurate, error-free, and up-to-date information. And all this from the comfort of a spreadsheet! Data is uploaded effortlessly, and error-free almost instantly with intuitive proven business enablement processes built in. Experience the peace of mind of knowing that when you need to make or buy you have the correct product definition, with the ability to mass update when and as needed at all stages.  Enabling accurate, timely, and meaningful reporting and planning for your supply chain. 

Starting with items the More4apps Product Definition Module will evolve to address key pain points suffered by document control and master data teams, all with the end-user experience in mind. 

  • User forms to support data entry with Lists of Values
  • Status Columns containing feedback from Oracle
  • Real-time integration via supported web services
  • Download using the form or by entering criteria onto the sheet
  • Download using wildcards using sheet download using key columns (including the read-only)
  • Create, Download, and Update Items in multiple organizations on the one worksheet
    • Item Header with Item Attributes (including DFFs, and Item Attachment)
    • Item Revisions (including DFFs and Attachments)
    • Item Categories
  • Upload multiple Items and Categories for multiple organizations in a single upload
  • Supports downloading of existing Items, Categories across Organizations
  • Create, Download, and update structures including the following sections from the comfort of a spreadsheet
    • Structure Header and DFFs
    • Components and DFFs
    • Substitutes and DFFs
    • Reference Designators and DFFs
  • All sections in the one sheet
  • Upload multiple Structures for multiple organizations in a single load
Item Relationships
  • Create, Update and Delete of the following relationships between items in one spreadsheet
    • Related Items and DFFs
    • GTIN Items and DFFSs
    • Cross Reference Items and DFFs
  • Maintain and enrich data quality to drive profitable cross-company engagement
  • Up-to-date accurate data prevents production line stoppages
  • Faster time-to-market launch and on-boarding of new products
  • High-quality data increases confidence and loyalty with trading partners
  • Improved product accuracy to improve procurement processes
  • Improved automation and decreased manual labor
  • Reduced stockouts and downtime
  • Faster, more accurate product definition
  • Quick changes to manufacturing requirements
  • Drive new sales by expanding suppliers’ and other manufacturing plants product offerings
  • Financial results are improved with accurate Product Data
  • Eliminate data silos and legacy processes to drive business value
  • Staff are freed from monotonous data entry and are able to focus on better use of time

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