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Projects Module

Spend less time uploading project data and more time managing your project success

Powerup your Oracle ERP Cloud investment with accelerated project data entry and maintenance. If your organization has implemented Oracle Project Management, you know it is a crucial element of your financial processes and management reporting. However, to get the most out of your investment you need to get accurate information loaded efficiently, in a timely manner.  

Slash time-consuming, manual data entry by harnessing the flexibility of an Excel spreadsheet powered by the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Projects module. Project manager leaving? With the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Projects module, you can simply download their Team member records and re-assign them to other managers quickly and easily. Need to add multiple Tasks to a Project?  There is no faster way than a button click in Excel.

Starting with creating and updating Projects the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Projects Module will evolve to encompass other key project-related areas that require true end-user data entry tools.

  • Real-time integration via supported web services
  • Intuitive user-focused forms to support data entry with Lists of Values
  • Status Columns containing feedback from Oracle
  • Powerful download facility
  • All typical productivity features in Excel supported such as macros and formulas
  • Ad-hoc changes are easily handled via the download – change – re-upload model supported by the spreadsheet

Financial Projects

  • Create and update Financial Project information including the Project Header, Team Members, Classifications, Tasks, and Transaction Controls from Excel
  • Perform mass updates to single or multiple projects
  • Modify details such as end-dates as quickly as you can copy and paste
  • Have greater visibility across the entire project with all sections visible in one place

Financial Plan Resource Assignments

  • Download existing Resource Assignments
  • Mass create, update, and delete resource assignments against Financial Project Plan Tasks


  • Create and delete Unprocessed Project Costs
  • Perform mass creation of transactions to be processed
  • Download Unprocessed Project Costs
  • Download Project Costs
  • Submit the Import Costs process
  • Use the Refresh functionality to update the status of the transactions on the sheet after running the Oracle Import Costs process
  • Perform mass deletion of transactions that have been rejected by the Oracle Import Costs process

Cost Adjustments

  • Download Project Costs 
  • Create adjustments for existing Project Costs

Assets and Assignments

  • Create, update and delete Assets
  • Create and delete Asset Assignments at Project or Task Levels
  • Download Assets and Assignments belonging to a project

Budgets (Non-Phased)

  • Create, download, and update Non-Phased Budget Versions, Planning Resources, and Plan Lines
  • Delete Non-Phased Budget Versions and Planning Resources
  • Baseline a Budget at the same time as creating it
Budgets (Period-Phased)
  • Create, download, update, and delete period-phased Budget Version Header
  • Create, download, and delete Planning Resources
  • Create and download Plan Lines with Planning Amount Details
  • Baseline a budget at the same time as creating it
  • Time is money. Simply speaking, taking less time to perform laborious tasks makes your staff more efficient
  • Less keying means improved data quality, leading to less rework and costly errors
  • Staff get to work on more rewarding, high-value work and less tedious data-entry
  • Spend less time managing data and more time managing projects
  • Accurate projects improve alignment with business strategy
  • Be more proactive than reactive with improved data quality and decreased time fixing issues

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