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Procurement Module

If Procurement is part of your role you know the true cost of purchasing is more than just the price on the purchase order.

The More4apps’ ERP Cloud Toolbox Procurement Module powers up your investment in Oracle ERP by allowing your team to create,  adapt, pivot, and react to user procurement requests. From the comfort of a spreadsheet, your organization will have more accurate, error-free, and up-to-date information. Data is uploaded effortlessly, quickly and error-free almost instantly with our intuitive proven business enablement processes build in.

Starting with Standard Purchase Orders and Requisitions the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Procurement Module will evolve to encompass other key areas of your procurement process.

  • Reduced cost of manual purchase order and requisition processing
  • Stamp out dark purchasing with easier faster data entry options
  • Empower your Procurement team with a better view of purchases so they can negotiate discounts and save money
  • High-quality accurate timely data increases confidence and loyalty with trading partners
  • Improved timeliness of order creation improves the chances of order fulfillment
  • Reduced stock outages and downtime
  • Reduce the number of mistakes on requisition requirements by being able to quickly and easily create and update requisition data to reflect the real-world needs of the users, with little or no delay
  • Improved visibility of expenditure
  • Staff are freed from tedious monotonous data entry and are able to focus on better use of time leading to better strategic outcomes and engaged staff

Standard Purchase Orders

  • Create and Update Orders
  • Add lines to existing Orders
  • Submit Orders for approval
  • Cancel Orders, lines and/or schedules
  • Download Orders for maintenance and as seed data for a new Order


  • Create and Update Requisitions
  • Add lines to existing Requisitions
  • Submit Requisitions for approval
  • Download Requisitions for maintenance and as seed data for a new Order

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Planned Features:
The following new feature areas are planned; Sourcing and Receiving.
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