Procurement Module

Reduce your PO creation time by up to 91 Percent!

Your users could be doing more productive work than spending hours creating Purchase Orders. The More4apps Procurement Module for Oracle ERP Cloud allows your users to mass load Purchase Orders quickly and efficiently. With Excel as the core user interface, it is intuitive and easy to use. Eliminate hours of manual data entry and reduce your users’ frustrations when managing your Purchase Orders.

The Procurement Module has the following features:

  • Create Standard Purchase Orders with lines schedules and distributions
  • Update Standard Purchase Orders at any level; i.e. lines, schedules and distributions
  • Add lines to existing Standard Purchase Orders
  • Submit Standard Purchase Orders for approval
  • Cancel Standard Purchase Orders, lines and/or schedules
  • Download existing Standard Purchase Orders for maintenance
  • Validate and cleanse data with real-time data feedback to the spreadsheet
  • Optional user entry forms with lists of values to help data entry
  • Connects using your standard ERP Cloud user authentication
  • All secured by your users assigned Oracle Roles and Privileges for Standard Purchase Orders

Give power back to the users, providing a fast and accurate data entry tool that saves time and money without the need to design, build and maintain expensive custom-built web service integrations. This is the first release of the Procurement Module. If there are features you’d like added please let us know.

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