Remove Hours of Tedious Data Processing

If your users are routinely entering the same or similar information, not only is it labor intensive, but it’s error prone. Streamline transactional data processing by keeping your data in real-time and accurate.

More4apps allows your users to maintain an Excel spreadsheet with their recurring and individual transactions, download existing transactions as a basis for new ones, and import the data into Oracle ERP quickly and easily.

More4apps solutions pinpoint errors within the spreadsheet and eliminate offline spreadsheets as the source of information. Improve your transaction data processes with More4apps products, and connect your Oracle ERP with Excel.

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Oracle EBS Toolbox Employee Wizard

Standardize your transactional data for improved business practices


Excel Based Data Stays in Excel

Keeping your data in native Excel format, rather than converting to comma- or tab-delimited text file formats, makes the upload process simpler, with one less step to worry about.
data accuracy

Quick Reversals & Repeats

The download into Excel functionality lets users take existing transactions and use them to create new transactions. Ideal for reversals or repeating transactions.
Ease of use

Increased Accuracy

With pinpoint error detection, all records are validated before they load, so any errors are returned to the spreadsheet.
Master Data Management Mass updates

Full Transaction Visibility

All transaction process stages are visible from within Excel. Users can easily see which transactions have been imported, deleted, or are in a pending status.

Babysitting isn’t Required

Some data-loading solutions make users watch and wait, but not More4apps products. They load data in the background, allowing you to switch to other applications on your desktop.

Best of Breed for Transactional Data

By combining Oracle ERP with More4apps spreadsheets, your users can continue to work in Excel, a tool they know and love.
  • Recording transactions in spreadsheets is intuitive and does not require intensive training to learn.
  • This makes spreadsheets a great option for teams that are scaling fast and don’t have hours of free time to dedicate to data entry or to training new employees.
  • Learn more about data loading and why More4apps is your best option – Read the blog > 

Companies who use More4apps

Arby's transformed its procurement process by shaving up to 55 minutes off the time taken to process a 100-line Purchase Order. With existing FBDI systems being outperformed in key areas, More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox is now being rolled out enterprise-wide.
"The most impressive and reliable piece of software I have come across and has helped get our project on track and firmly keep it there."
RCI Experiences

– Ben Pentelow, Systems Architect

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"From our perspective, it has been huge, especially the Routing and BOM Wizards because there is no way of really doing that outside of these products."
Avery Dennison
"Our investigations showed it took 3-4 weeks to get our Engineering BOMS into our ordering system and Oracle EBS. The introduction of the More4apps BOM Wizard has reduced data entry time to 3-4 DAYS and removed the need for separate Excel files for each BOM."
Toyota Boshoku
"My team members work with the Project, Project Budgets, and Assets modules and we have both large dollar transactions as well as high-volume transactions. More4apps tools have allowed us to do work that would have taken months to do manually or weeks of programming and testing if done by an IT team."
Trinity Industries
"Thanks for your efforts in developing these great tools for making people’s daily grind easier."

– Brad Rogers Engineering Manager

"We have been using More4apps for a few years now and have benefited from the software. We originally wanted the software for Asset Retirements. We had no way to upload retirement via spreadsheet into Oracle. After investigating the software, we discovered other transactions we could upload to save time using More4apps."
Pepsi/Frito Lay

-Mitch Bateman Systems Analyst

"We found that More4apps knows their products and was very supportive and responsive. They understood our needs and how their products would meet them. From our perspective, it has been huge, especially the Routing and BOM Wizards because there is no way of really doing that outside of these products."

-Debbie Canole, Systems Analysts

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More4apps makes work easier.
  • Easy to use, near zero training effort.
  • Increases team efficiency, reducing business costs.
  • Reduces manual errors and raises data reliability.
  • Programming not required, designed for the task at hand.
  • Download and create transactions in a single Excel spreadsheet.
  • Allows for large data sets with programmed in features to batch and submit your transactions.

Two Solutions: Equally as Impactful

Accelerate your data loading processes with a suite of trusted and reliable, Excel-based solutions.

Read more in the EBS Toolbox and ERP Cloud Toolbox brochures!


EBS Toolbox and ERP Cloud Toolbox - your Excel interface to Oracle
Ease of use Ease of Use
  • The Excel interface creates accounts payable invoices in a familiar environment. Users can easily consolidate and import invoice data from multiple sources.
flexibility Flexibility
  • Download data for ease of recreation and visibility and adjust Excel spreadsheet layouts easily.
scalability Scalability
  • Create and action invoice holds (EBS only) in bulk, with all required data elements within one Excel spreadsheet.
data accuracy Accuracy
  • Give your team confidence in the accuracy of their data.
  • Remove manual data entry and reduce errors, validate live data in real time, and receive immediate feedback concerning data processing errors, all from within Excel.

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