Speed & Precision is a Priority in Manufacturing

Equip your teams with the right tools and stay one step ahead of the game.

With unpredictable economic conditions, it’s now more important than ever to deliver products on time to meet customer expectations. Provide data your team can trust at the speed your manufacturing processes require.

More4apps tools combine the usability of Microsoft Excel with the productivity and power of Oracle’s E-Business Suite and Fusion Cloud ERP Applications. Cut costs, deliver better products and insights, and reduce waste and downtime with the More4apps suite of products for manufacturing companies.

Why do companies need to improve their manufacturing processes?


Handle ERP data challenges using a familiar Excel interface.


Adapt fast and easy to keep up with the fast-paced industry.


Oversee changes and updates in mass to deal with large volumes of data.
  • Improved product creation and maintenance.
  • Understanding your material costs in detail.
  • Keeping inventory replenishment and planning values up-to-date.
  • Simplifying your work in process (WIP), discrete job creation, and maintenance operations with on-the-fly changes.
  • Consolidating bill of materials (BOM) structure information from multiple systems.
  • Having all planning and buyer details aligned and maintained.

Two Solutions:
Equally as Impactful

If you are on Oracle’s Fusion Cloud ERP or E-Business Suite, More4apps can help you make the most of your ERP system.

Read more in the EBS Toolbox and ERP Cloud Toolbox brochures!

Oracle Procure-to-Pay Processes Rely on Oracle products, like the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox and EBS Toolbox.
Security Features
  • Uses your Oracle ERP login authentication
  • Support single-sign-on
  • Access granted by role to each web service
Settings Architecture
  • Works with Fusion Cloud SCM ERP and EBS 11i & R12
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013 and later
  • Real-time connectivity
  • Data validation before loading
  • Errors returned to Excel
  • End-user forms that help data entry

Case Study
Toyota Boshoku, USA Reduces its Bill of Materials Data Entry Time from 3-4 Weeks to 3-4 Days!

Toyota found it took 3-4 weeks to get their Engineering BOMs into their ordering system and Oracle EBS. Upon further investigation, they discovered that most of their plants maintained an Excel BOM in addition to the data loaded into their systems.

Discover how More4apps solutions helped a manufacturing company simplify data processes from weeks to days.
The More4apps team of experts met with Toyota to fully understand their pain points. In doing so, they determined that the More4apps BOM Wizard would be the most suitable tool to release Toyota's staff from using separate systems for maintaining BOMs.
Read the case study >
Efficiency for Data Processing for Oracle E-Business Suite and ERP Cloud
Faster data entry
Improve data loading
Improved data quality
with tools
designed for end-users
Business Critical Data
Retained ownership of business-critical data within the appropriate teams
Cleaner data loading
Reduced need for IT support or development to improve master
and transactional data processes

Key benefits of using More4apps to help with your manufacturing business processes: Happy customers!


Order Taking

React quickly to customer demands, accelerate manufacturing response times, and manage changes from procurement, and production, to pricing and sales order creation.

Order Making

Track product definitions to WIP with our product definition, costing, and WIP products. Reduce product recalls and exceeds your customer's expectations to ensure repeat business.

Controlled Costs

Take control of costs with More4apps EBS Toolbox. Gain deeper insights into production costs and pinpoint areas to save money.

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