Improve Procurement Visibility and Reduce Off Catalog Procurement

More4apps tools are user-friendly, Excel-based solutions that allow you to easily manage your procurement process from quotations, blanket agreements, and sourcing to requisitions, purchase orders, the receiving process and invoice creation.

Save time, reduce manual entry, improve efficiency across your business, and guarantee greater visibility throughout each step in the Oracle procure-to-pay processes.

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Introduce efficiency, accuracy, and compliance into your procurement lifecycle.

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Bridging Procurement Stages without the Hassle

Accounts Payable Invoice Creation

By increasing the efficiency of the payables invoicing process, your staff can concentrate more on tasks that create real value for your company. Moreover, More4apps helps improve relationships providing better bargaining power in future negotiations. As part of an orderly accounts payable data processing solution, More4apps delivers tangible benefits, such as improved supplier relationships, early payment discounts, and happier staff.

PO & Requisition Creation & Maintenance

Take the struggle out of standard and blanket purchase order maintenance. Generate requisitions and orders by importing external files or downloading them from Oracle. End-users use the spreadsheet functionality to add new requisitions and orders or add lines to existing documents. Moreover, users can close out or cancel purchase orders in bulk. In addition, match an invoice to a purchase order and easily download purchase order requisitions and receipt information to assist with creating invoices.

On Contract Sourcing and Procurement (E-Business Suite ONLY, Blankets coming soon for Fusion Cloud)

Easily manage your blanket agreements, quotations, sourcing rules, and approved supplier lists to optimize requisitions to PO and payment processes. Eliminate catalog purchases and realize the benefits of a quicker and less costly purchasing process.

Requisition and Purchase Order Processing

Reduce requisition generation time significantly by creating multiple requisitions for different locations and projects at the same time. Use sourcing rules to streamline the purchase order process and actively create and update purchase orders using auto-create/document build purchase orders to assist suppliers in receiving more correct orders faster. Control your purchase orders with the ability to close or cancel orders at the header, line, and shipment levels.

Receiving Purchase Orders (E-Business Suite ONLY)

From receipt to delivery, eliminate complexity in your receiving processes. Issues with serial numbers and month-end accruals are resolved quickly and easily. Incorrect receipts are fixed and/or returned coupled with support for your sales returns (RMAs) and your receiving needs.

Supplier Data Maintenance

Get detailed error messaging and pre-import validation when maintaining your supplier data. Upload attachments in bulk, end-date your suppliers, and ensure accurate addresses allowing you to ensure your vendor payments are processed quickly and accurately.

Streamlining the procure-to-pay tasks delivers real-time savings, a contented finance team,
and total management governance.

The efficient handling of all aspects of the procure-to-pay process within a business is critical to the overall proficiency of back-office tasks.

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More4apps is your smarter Excel interface for Oracle that was created for end-users, by end-users.

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Combine the power of Excel and Oracle to release staff from repetitive data tasks.

  • Download ERP data into Excel spreadsheets
  • Find and fix errors
  • Validate data
  • Upload data back into Oracle
  • Carry on with your day!

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How does More4apps stack up to Oracle tools?

More4apps helps users upload data 90% quicker!

Two Solutions: Equally as Impactful

Accelerate your data loading methods with a suite of trusted and trustworthy, Excel-based solutions.

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Oracle Procure-to-Pay Processes Rely on Oracle products, like the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox and EBS Toolbox.
Ease of use Ease of Use
  • The Excel connection delivers a familiar environment where users can combine and import data from multiple sources.
flexibility Flexibility
  • Download data for ease of recreation and visibility and adjust Excel spreadsheet layouts easily.
scalability Scalability
  • Create and utilize re-usable templates to reduce data entry.
  • Increase productivity with automated processes and plans.
  • Perform mass updates, fix data, and send it back to Oracle in seconds.
data accuracy Accuracy
  • Give your team confidence in the accuracy of their data .
  • Remove manual data entry and reduce errors, verify live data immediately, and receive immediate input from Excel.
More4apps is your smarter Excel interface for Oracle made for end-users, by end-users.
  • Eliminate hassle-prone tools.
  • Speed through data conversions and migrations.
  • Trust your data.
  • Download existing information into an Excel spreadsheet for maintenance or analysis.
  • Prepare and validate information in Excel.
  • Load data into Oracle via public interfaces and API's.

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