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More4apps EBS Toolbox

Tools for Oracle E-Business Suite

Streamline data entry tasks in Oracle EBS with a simple yet powerful Excel-based Wizard, and not only will you save time; you’ll also reduce error rates.

At More4apps we created a range of software tools with the sole objective of releasing talented staff from repetitive data entry tasks for more productive work.  The software tools we build do just that: reducing keystrokes, integrating with other areas of EBS, and slicing data entry time by significant factors.

More4apps spreadsheets are highly effective end-user products which improve your data entry processing time within for Oracle E-Business Suite. All More4apps products are designed to allow you to prepare and validate the information in Excel prior to loading it into Oracle. The download functionality enables existing information to be extracted into a spreadsheet, where it can be used for maintenance, as the basis for new records or simply for analysis.