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Application Interface Wizard

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Application Interface Wizard is a true Excel-based development platform for creating, updating, deleting and downloading data. The development platform empowers developers with the ability to create customized Excel integration solutions to improve business productivity.

The Application Interface Wizard has the following features:

  • Control your data quality with LOV’s, datatypes and additional rules.
  • Descriptive and key flexfields supported.
  • Supports parent-child data upload and download functionality.
  • Create and maintain loader templates to call APIs and interface tables (Oracle or custom).
  • Secure loader templates to responsibilities.
  • Super flexible, dynamic end-user forms.
  • Download data using your own predefined queries.
  • Multi-language enabled.

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Product Screenshot More4apps Employee Wizard for Oracle E-Business Suite
What our Customers have to say...
“With new acquisitions this year, More4apps tool [Employee Wizard] has played a vital role in streamlining our HRMS processes. It has cut our time from hours to a few minutes when doing mass loads for conversions. It is simple, fast and a lifesaver… The benefits of this product and customer service are truly exceptional. They are always open to suggestions and development too. I highly recommend this application for any HRMS department." Roland Cons, Tetra Tech, Inc