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iSupplier User Loader

Do you regularly create or maintain supplier users in Oracle iSupplier?

We all know it can be laborious in Oracle to create supplier contact users, assign responsibilities to them, set site restrictions, and send them notifications. More4apps has now created the iSupplier User Loader to handle all this. With this tool, you can now create your supplier users, assign responsibilities and site restrictions to them.

The supplier contact person will also receive an email notification containing the username and password details along with the link for accessing the iSupplier Portal.

Thanks to the update function you can also deactivate users, reset passwords, add more responsibilities or site restrictions to users (or revoke them) – all in a single spreadsheet!

Using this new supported Loader you can process 100’s of supplier users in a single load ensuring the data is valid and accurate in an easy to use Excel interface.

Use General Ledger Wizard to:

  • Download and upload actuals, encumbrances, budget journals
  • Load attachments against journal headers (Not possible with WebADI)
  • NO Web ADI objects used
  • Submit and monitor the Journal Import Program from the wizard
  • Use your own SQL to customize your downloads
  • Download and upload budget amount

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What our Customers have to say...
“With new acquisitions this year, More4apps tool [Employee Wizard] has played a vital role in streamlining our HRMS processes. It has cut our time from hours to a few minutes when doing mass loads for conversions. It is simple, fast and a lifesaver… The benefits of this product and customer service are truly exceptional. They are always open to suggestions and development too. I highly recommend this application for any HRMS department." Roland Cons, Tetra Tech, Inc